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1.How many members of the U.S. House of Representatives currentlyrepresent the state you are studying?

TheU.S House of Representatives has 9 members representing ArizonaState.

2.How many members of the U.S. House representing the state areDemocrats? How many are Republicans?&nbsp

TheU.S House has 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats representing the state.

3.Who is the current governor of the state? Is he/she a Democrat orRepublican?

DouglasAnthony Ducey is the current Governor of Arizona state. He is aRepublican and he was elected in November 2014 and sworn in as thegovernor on 5th January 2015.

4.Who are the state’s current U.S. senators? Are they Democrats orRepublicans?

Arizonastate current senators are Jeff Flake and John McCain and both ofthem are Republicans.

5.Who carried the state in the 2000 presidential election? Bush orGore? How close was the popular vote in the state? Was it a closerace in the state or not?&nbsp

The2000 presidential election in Arizona was won by George W Bush wherehe garnered a total of 781,652 votes compared to Al Gore of theRepublican who had 685, 341votes. Bush had 6.3% margin of the victorywhile Core had 3%.This means that the race was tight between the twotop aspirants.

6.Who carried the state in the 2004 presidential elections? Bush orKerry? How close was the popular vote in the state? Was it a closerace in the state or not?&nbsp

Inthe 2004 elections, the incumbent Republican president George W Bushdefeated his closest competitor John Kerry. Bush had 1,104,294 votesrepresenting 54.77% while Kerry 893,524votes equivalent to 44.44%.Itwas a very tight race.

7.Who carried the state in the 2008 presidential elections? McCain orObama? How close was the popular vote in the state? Was it a closerace in the state or not?&nbsp

TheArizona 2008 presidential election witnessed another face-off betweenMcCain and Obama. McCain emerged out victorious with 1, 230,111(53.39%) while Obama had 1,034, 707 (44.91%).The race in the statewas close.

8.Who carried the state in the 2012 presidential elections? Romney orObama? How close was the popular vote in the state? Was it a closerace in the state or not?&nbsp

Further,the Arizona 2012 presidential election Mitt Romney of the RepublicanParty won. Romney had 1,233, 654 votes representing 53.48% while hisclosest competitor Barack Obama of the Democratic party garnered 1,025,232 votes equivalent to 44.45% of the total votes cast. Notably,it was also another tight race.

9.How many electoral votes does the state have? What formula determinesthe number of electoral votes in a state?

ArizonaState has a total number of 3,353, 309 votes. The number of electoralvotes is determined by the voter registration statistics who arecategorized into the Democrats, Republicans, Green, Libertarian andothers.

10.What are blue states?&nbsp

Ablue state primarily refers to those particular states in the U.Swhose residents majorly support and vote for the Democratic Party.

11.What are red states?&nbsp

Redstates are the states in the United States whose residents are loyalto the Republican Party and they predominantly vote for their party’spresidential candidates in any election period.

12.What are swing states?

Swingstates are states in the US in which two key political parties havesimilar levels of support from the electorate. These states usuallyplay a significant role in determining the outcome of a presidentialelection. It is the best opportunities for presidential aspirants orparties to consolidate their support and win maximum votes.

13.Would you describe the state you are studying as a blue state, redstate, or swing state? Write a paragraph explaining the reasoningbehind your answer. Use the research you did to answer the questionsabove to help you with this question and the following questions.&nbsp

Withoutdoubt, over the last two decades, Arizona State has always been a redstate fully supporting the Republican Party. This is evident from theRepublican presidential candidates who have all over the yearsenjoyed massive support hence winning their elections defeating theirDemocratic Party aspirants. For instance, George W Bush, Mitt Romney,to the current Governor Anthony Ducey all have won their seats on aRepublican Party ticket.

14What is a battleground state?&nbsp

Abattleground state is more of a swing state in the United Stateswhereby both the Democratic and Republican parties enjoy undividedsupport and both of its candidates have an equal chance of winningthe presidential elections.

15.Would you expect the state to be a battleground state in the 2016presidential election?

The2016 presidential elections has got two candidates, that’s DonaldTrump of the Republican Part and Hillary Diana Clinton of theDemocratic Party. The Arizona State seems to be a battleground forthis year’s general election after being a red state for a numberof years. This is because, there are a number of voters who areunsettled because of the country’s social transformation, and also,a good number Latinos support Democratic Party due to Triumph’sinflammatory remarks on Hispanic immigrants.

16.If Democratic Party will make a major campaign bush by investing moremoney and resources in Arizona State

IfI was a Democratic Party strategist planning strategy for the finalstretch of the 2016 election campaign, the party will not make amajor investment of time and money in this state. Apart from thelimited financial resources and time for campaigns, the Arizona Statehas always overwhelmingly voted for the Republican Party. The littlefinancial resources available can be used to venture into otherbattleground states which the Republican Party does not enjoy fullsupport. For instance, Ohio state which has 5,580, 822 voterscompared to 3,353, 309 voters in Arizona State.