Practicum Journal


The practicum experience that a nurse receives is imperative towardsthe enhancement of the professional goals and clinical skills(Peterson, 2014). During my practice, I gained immense experience inclinical skills under the supervision of senior nurses. Additionally,the practicum experience helped me towards the achievement of myprofessional goals. I have a professional goal of providing qualityand essential care to all the patients. During the practice period, Iencountered numerous patients, whom I was held responsible forassessing their signs, taking their medical history and educatingthem on the effects of the medication they are given. Secondly, Ihave a professional goal of educating the patients, and the practicumexperience helped me improve on this aim. I got the opportunity toeducate the numerous patients on all the information they receivedfrom the doctors. Promoting a safe environment for the patients isanother one of my professional goals. The practicum experienceprovided me with an opportunity to maintain a safe environment in thehospital by ensuring cleanliness and sterile.

Concerning the clinical skills, I got the chance to learn recordkeeping, which is a critical skill for every practicing nurse (Poe &ampWhite, 2014). Secondly, I gained immense knowledge in gathering themedical history of the patients, as well as reading and understandingthe signs and symptoms that they depicted. This is a skill that isextremely vital since the nurse must be sure and correct of the signsas this is what the doctor uses when treating a patient and givingmedication (Emerson, 2015). The skill of maintaining a safe andhealthy environment in the hospital is paramount for every nurse.This is a skill that I gained during my practicum period. It isincludes making sure that the environment is safe from germs,identifying the emotionally unstable patients and separating themfrom the rest of the patients, as well as sterilizing the equipment(Callara, 2014).


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