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Dear Hiring Manager Starbuck CoffeeCompany

Re: Application for the positionof a recruitment assistant

I was thrilled when I learned that your organization is seeking tohire recruitment assistants for the various stores located across thecountry. Having recently graduated with a degree in businessadministration, I am confident that I will be a great asset to yourorganization. I am skilled in the various aspects of human resourcemanagement such as workforce organization, manpower recruitment,labor laws, personnel training, and workers compensation.

I am a committed, self-driven, and goal-oriented person. Mycommitment to success is evident in the high GPA I scored in theuniversity. Besides, I am a sociable person hence, I am lookingforward to utilizing my interactions will other employees in yourorganization to pinpoint and develop solutions to challenges that maybe plaguing your workforce.

During my internship, I acquired immense knowledge and expertise inthe field of human resource management. Some of these skills includehow to facilitate training for workers, addressing the issue ofworker turnover, and worker`s motivation, among other crucial aspectsfor a productive workforce. Besides, I participated in severalextracurricular activities most of them aimed at boosting mycommunication and leadership skills during my four years at theUniversity. My involvement in sports and drama has equipped me withthe necessary teamwork skills that I will seek to utilize once I amgiven the opportunity to work in your organization.

For more information about me, please review my attached resume.Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to you for finding timeto review my application. I am looking forward to having anopportunity to discuss how my background and qualities qualify me tobe part of your team.

Yours sincerely,