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As a graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, I have anappreciation for education and the need to further my studies. In2007, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Physician Assistance)giving me leeway to work as a health educator, medical officesupervisor, and surgical technologist. Having completed my degree, Ihave extensive knowledge of healthcare system operators, practices,and standards. As such, I have an ability to maintain qualitystandards through observing operational productivity, efficiency, andprofitability. Currently, I work as a medical assistant instructorand a health educator. This would not be possible without thephysician assistant program that enhanced my experience, knowledge,and skill set as a medical instructor at all levels.

My first degree has prepared me to take on leadership roles, whichI apply on a daily basis. Working as a medical assistant instructorensures I use my skills as an effective communicator to interact wellwith both my colleagues as well as patients. As a health educator, Ihave learnt how to interact with patients of different ages,personalities, and backgrounds. My job makes me responsible for thelives of young students. For example, my responsibilities includeteaching people how to cope with physiological issues, sanitization,dental, drug, and smoking impairments. Overall, this has proved to bea rewarding experience considering that I have derived extensiveknowledge on how to deal with people on a professional and personalbasis. Forming relationships is vital for proper healthcareprovision. Hence, my educational and career achievement in healthprovision makes me a viable candidate for this particular program.

I often take pride in my previous accomplishments being that theycreated the platform for me to perform my current responsibilitieswith excellence. For instance, working as a medical office supervisorensured that I learn how to provide quality services, partake inprofitable operations, and deliver patient services at a superiorlevel. Moreover, I learnt how to make decisions under pressure, applycritical thinking skills, and use problem-solving techniques indifferent situations. Apart from this, working as a surgicaltechnologists ensured that I could perform various surgicalprocedures required in different health facilities, workenvironments, and positions.

One of my strongest qualities is my ability to not only managevarious healthcare issues, but also manage different businesssettings. Working as a general manager of the King CharlesHotel-Ocean City ensured that I improve my hospitality. Moreover, Iused this experience to strengthen my business skills both nationaland internationally. To date, I am an owner and offsite manager of OCCafé, LLC-Ocean City. Thus, I have an ability to contribute to thesocial economic growth of my society.

To conclude, the Masters of Science in Health Sciences programappeals to me because the school acknowledges the busy lifestyle ofpeople on my level of education and expertise. The degree is vital tomy growth in this industry because it prepares licensed and certifiedhealth care professionals to further their leadership skills androles in healthcare education across a wide range of higher learninginstitutions and hospitals. I would like to take advantage of theprogram’s ability to establish me as part of the next generation ofhealth leaders. This is because the school offers a competitiveprogram, which will increase my chances of venturing into emergingmarkets, as it requires high quality education, skill set, andexperience. One can only get these qualities by attaining the Mastersof Science in Health Sciences degree.