Personal Essay



Eversince my Childhood, I have always been inspired to make a compellingpresence in the Political Affairs of my home Country – Kuwait. Mynation has very few women who would undertake such a field. Thus Ihave aspired to be their voice and enhance it academically. When Ijoined the college, I felt a new world opening up to me thrilled bya fresh, inspiring setting, I shined intellectually. I came to knowthat if I tried hard, I could reach my goals if I sought somethingseriously, I had to take advantage of the existing chances. I toiledhard and succeeded but with my lifelong passion for politics I wantto advance to another level. I have worked hard against all oddsespecially after the death of my father in my last year at SwanseaUniversity where I tried to work while coping with his loss he had adream to see me graduate and be the voice of women in the society.

Iwant to pursue my masters in politics because I am interested ingiving a voice to people who have been kept silent. This is alsopartially the reason to which I chose my degree of Politics andInternational Relations and why I chose (University) as my firstchoice for a Masters. In Kuwait and around the world, several womenlive in poverty because of oppressive societies and governments. I ameven more troubled by the fact that there are more cruel individualswho are ready to look the other way. I know several people have saidthat they want to make a difference and failed, but I feel thatadvancing my knowledge through learning about individuals whosestruggles have been thwarted, is making a difference in itself.

Throughoutmy education, I have been able to discuss the issue of womeninvolvement in politics with great minds. I have shared my plans forcreating awareness and a movement towards women’s rights not bygoing against the Kuwait Constitution, but facilitate a compromise toallow culturally women to practice their rights and pursue highereducation without prejudice. While researching for my dissertation, Iwas able to convey an understanding of how the Sharia law is trulybiased towards men (undermines/discriminate women). Nonetheless, sucha society reformation can be applied if proper awareness, movements,regulation and bureaucracy were practiced with the study of westernideologies regarding the freedom of speech and humanitarianprinciples.

Asan undergraduate, I knew that my achievement lies in the idea that Itake my schoolwork as a qualified person and not as a student. Ialways registered for exciting courses and abide by the instructionsgiven by my tutor. I took advantage of my areas of strengths. I amalso charismatic, and I speak eloquently. I tend to improve mypersonality each day. I find delight in the knowledge of varioustopics if not only to uphold a conversation but for research ofprinciples that can create harmony for respecting both culture andsecular rights. I am very passionate about developing a moresalubrious progression that improves Kuwait’s society to its fullpotential and hopefully proves to be exemplary city-state in theMiddle-East and a prodigious example that the neighboring nations canhighly regard.

Currently,I am working part-time as a barista which is a shock to my fellowArabs as they find it demeaning and disdainful. They do not see why awoman should retain a minimum wage job, but I can proudly say that Ibroke the social barriers to the Arabs around me by observing it as arespectful job.