Advertisementhas been very instrumental in transforming many businesses,individuals, and corporations(Gardner, 2005).It can range from corporate, product, service, and individualadvertising. One tool which has been used to make advertisementpersuasive is propaganda (Gardner,2005).Ann McClintock did put forward seven propaganda techniques, which areconsistently employed in many advertisements today (Gardner,2005).These techniques are name calling, testimonial, plain folks, cardstacking, bandwagon, glittering generalities, and transfers (Gardner,2005).To elaborate my point, I will use .

Tobegin with, celebrities have been used to market products widelyespecially when giving testimonies or by association. In some cases,there is no direct evidence which can be tied to celebrities’testimonies of such product use yet they market them.

Observationand Analysis

Forinstance, in the picture below Nicki Minaj and Jenifer Lopez havebeen used to sell brand with inscriptions “Live for Now,”but the public cannot tell if they are consumers of . The effectof using a celebrity to market a product makes people adopt a brandas they see it as “cool thing,”(Gardner, 2005).

Inthat picture there is also bandwagon technique, you can see thatthere are youths pictured there. Furthermore, Chris Pratt, NickiMinaj, and Jennifer Lopez are people highly associated with youth.The implication of such is to depict the drink as a youth product,which should be assimilated by that group without exception. Theresults will probably be that many youths will be swayed to take to avoid being left out(Gardner, 2005).This is created through psychological manipulation of theadvertisement by making it a youth affair.

Furthermore,the use of Chris Pratt, Nick Minaj and Jennifer Lopez in thepromotion of applies the technique of transfer. Nick Minaj andJennifer Lopez names are brands in music. One name is strictlyassociated with rhythm and blues while the other is highly related tohip hop. On the other hand, Chris Pratt represents a Hollywood brand.Such collaboration makes brand irresistible to the targetmarket that is represented by those brand names (Gardner,2005).

Finally,the tag “Live for Now,” applies the glittering generalitytechnique. If makes you appreciate the moment you are in, thenit gives the impression that it will make live at that particularmoment great. As a result, people will purchase the product as theytry to have an incredible moment by drinking (Gardner,2005).


Thus,the promotion advertisement “Live for Now,” applies thetechniques of testimony, bandwagon, glittering generality andtransfer these tools manage to lure potential customers to purchase products eventually making the brand penetrate the market andincrease its sales and revenues with ease.


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