Part 1


Thetheme I have chosen for the imminent film festival for University ofPhoenix students is from the genre of Action/Romance/Comedy (ARChereafter). I have decided to focus on this particular theme becauseI believe that it is balanced. You might be wondering what “balanced”really implies. Considering that the genre I have chosen is a blendof action, romance, and comedy, it is balanced in the sense that thefestival’s theme will not be centered on one particular arearomance for instance. Imagine a scenario where a University student’sfilm festival is concentrated only on romance. The film experiencewould be cumbersome and monotonous! Not everyone likes watchingromantic movies but everybody likes a film experience where there’sa bit of romance, coupled with action and comical effects (Corrigan &ampWhite, 2009). Therefore, I have chosen this theme because it isseamlessly balanced. I am confident that all University of Phoenixstudents who will attend this film festival will have an exhilaratingfilm experience. My ARC theme caters to the viewing needs of thosethat enjoy the adrenaline rush from eye-catching action acts, thetranquility of romantic scenes, and the humor in funny scenes.


Forthe imminent University of Phoenix student’s film festival, I havechosen three films that will compliment my ARC theme Knight and Day,Killers, and The Bounty Hunter. From my point of perspective, thesemovies are the perfect recipe for the reason that all of them havescenes related to my ARC theme. Knight and Day is a 2010 film thatfeatures Tom Cruise as Roy Miller and Cameron Diaz as June Havens.Knight and Day is a film that follows the adventures of Roy Miller, arogue spy, and June Heavens right from the moment they meet at anairport (Bradshaw, 2010). As a result of their meeting, Cameron Diazgets mixed up in the affairs of Tom Cruise as he is trying to clearhis name with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CentralIntelligence Agency. This movie is related to the main theme of thefilm festival because it has a blend of romantic, humorous, andaction scenes.

Thetheme of romance is brought out very well in the movie Knight &ampDay. For instance, before the movie draws to an end, Cameron Diaz isseen kissing Tom Cruise before she drives away in the classic car shehad restored for her father. Additionally, the theme of romance isbrought to the light in the wedding scenes in the movie. Cameron Diazattends the wedding of her sister April (Maggie Grace). The conceptof a wedding in the film carves out the romantic theme in Knight andDay (Bradshaw, 2010). There certainly are humorous scenes as well.When Cameron Diaz is being questioned by federal agents whether sheis working with Miller (Cruise), Miller suddenly shows up fromnowhere with much acrobatics and shooting, overpowering the federalagents and rescues Havens (Diaz).

Thetheatrical manner in which Tom Cruise executes this scene is verydramatic and humorous like watching Scooby doo rescue Shaggy frommonsters! The film also has abundant action packed scenes. In themovie, as Bradshaw (2010) explains, Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz areabducted more than twice by the mafia, shot at countless times, thecouple is pursued by the mafia and federal agents, Tom kills manypeople (like in the plane where he kills all the five men on boardand takes control of the plane, landing it on a highway). Judging bythese scenes, this film relates well to my intended theme of ARCbecause it contains some bits of romance, action, and humor which isa balanced film experience!

Thesecond film I hand-pick to feature in the film festival is the 2010movie Killers. Killers is a movie that features Ashton Kutcher(Spenser Aimes) and Jennifer Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl). Katherineand Ashton meet in Nice in an elevator, where Katherine has travelledto in the company of her parents. Spencer asks Jennifer out todinner, where Spenser opens up about being an assassin. Nonetheless,Spenser and Jennifer end up together as husband and wife. In fact,Katherine mentions a pregnancy although the movie does not featureany scenes of her as a mother. I have selected this movie because italso relates well to my intended theme of ARC. First, the theme ofromance is featured well in this movie. The whole concept of themovie is centered on romance because the movie picks pace after theirmarriage. Spenser acts romantically by surprising Jennifer with acompletely remodeled office after their wedding. Ashton Kutcher actsromantically in this instance. Also, Spenser and Jennifer are seenkissing in more than one occasion in the movie (Solomons, 2010).Killers is packed with scenes of action as well. Spenser is anassassin in the movie, which means that he is a professional killer.

Beforemeeting at the first night out, Spenser is seen sneaking onto a boatand installing a cell-phone triggered bomb at the bottom of ahelicopter. Kristen (Casey Wilson) is also one of the assassinskilled in shoot outs in the movie. There are many funny scenes inKillers. For example, Spenser and Jen act in a humorous manner whenJen comes home only to find Spenser being tossed around by Henry (RobRiggle), a drug dealer. Spenser screams at Jen to get a gun she neverknew existed, and then Jen shoots the attacker in the arm. Thedramatization of this scene is funny, carving out the theme ofcomedy. Therefore, this movie relates well to my intended theme ofARC.

Thethird movie I chose to include in the themed film festival is the2010 movie The Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter is a movie thatfeatures Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston. Milo Boyd (GerardButler) is a bounty hunter who realizes that her ex-wife is her nexttarget. Once they meet, they find themselves in a run-for-their-livesadventure that goes on through the whole movie (Scott, 2010). Thismovie is related to my theme because it has scenes of romance,action, and comedy. In a hotel room, Milo and Nicole Hurley(Anniston) dine together, where each apologizes to the other forthree years of separation making it clear that they have feelingsfor each other. Comical scenes are also in The Bounty Hunter.

Asthe movie is beginning, Nicole kicks Milo in the groin after she islet out of the trunk Milo put her. More funny scenes are evident inthe shoot outs, chases, and elevator brawls. The best action scene iswhen Bobby is comically shot at the shoulder for trying to stop Earlfrom putting bags into a bag. Judging from all these scenes, I cansay that The Bounty Hunter is yet another perfect movie for theintended film festival because it is a balance of action, romance,and comedy.

Thedirectors of photography of the movies are: Russell Carpenter(Killers), Phedon Papamichael (Knight &amp Day), and OliverBokelberg for The Bounty Hunter. From earlier discussions, it is easyto decipher the fact that all these movies have the same narrative.The lead actors are all crooks, with feminine supporting roles fromthe various actresses featured in the movies. Therefore, it is benignto argue that they all share the same narrative because they revolvearound rogue men with their female counterparts running away from thelaw and organized criminal gangs. On sounds and music, both Knight &ampDay and The Bounty Hunter have 17 soundtracks. However, all thesounds and music in Knight and Day are composed by one John Powell,whereas the soundtracks in The Bounty Hunter are composed by GeorgeFenton. In addition to the 17 tracks, Knight &amp Day also has blackeyed peas soundtrack “sometime” featured in the movie. Killersonly has 13 soundtracks, all from different music composers. TroyTakaki is the film editor for The Bounty Hunter, Michael McCusker andQuincy Guaderson for Knight and Day, and Mary Markey and FrancisBruce for Killers.


Studentsneed to examine this film festival theme because it relates well tothe lives we live. Our lives are filled with instances of love,turbulence, and laughter. All these elements are successfullydisplayed in the three films I have selected for the film festival.After attending this film festival, the students of PhoenixUniversity will learn that life is a roller-coaster of emotions.Sometimes we are sad, sometimes happy. We often face turbulence inlife, presented by the festival’s theme of action. Therefore, thisfilm festival will be important because it will act as an eye-openerto the students by illustrating to them that life is all aboutchallenges, love, and laughter. This knowledge will be crucial inhelping university students understand that tough times never last.


Inthis paper, I have shed light on the films that carve out a thematicfilm festival for the University of Phoenix students. The genre ofARC being my theme, I have carefully hand-picked three movies thatwill relate well to my intended theme. Knight &amp Day, Killers, andThe Bounty Hunter are perfect movies for the film festival becauseall of them converge to the main theme of the festival. All thesefilms feature scenes of action, romance, and comedy perfectlyrelating to my intended theme. This film festival is important to thestudents because it acts as an eye-opener to the real world. Afterattending this film festival, the students will be better placed inachieving a balance between anguish (action), love (romance), andcomedy (laughter). Hence, this film festival is of great importancebecause apart from providing entertainment, it does educate thestudents on how to manage life’s daily activities.


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