Thefollowing paper is a survey of Wicker Park community and its publichealth safety. The community belongs to the 1st Ward and isconsidered relatively safe. For almost two decades, crime within thearea has plummeted. Between the beginning of the millennium until2009, the rate of offenses dropped by 33.1% (Mega, 2012). Theseoutstanding figures are attributed to increased police patrol and useof video surveillance to monitor and stop crime. Joe Moreno, WickerPark’s Alderman, has been tirelessly working with the community toreduce its environmental footprint. Alderman Moreno has ensured thatmost construction projects within the neighborhood employ “Green”building practices. Through his guidance and leadership, the entirecommunity has adopted environmental friendly building methods. Thehabit has led to the First Ward to be leading regarding greenpractices within Chicago. Alderman Moreno’s goal is to influenceother wards to follow his strategies.

Allthe strategies employed by the town’s administration towards a moresustainable environment play a significant role in ensuring thepublic health of the entire community. The green movement helps theresidents of Wicker Park have exposure to fresh and clean air. Thepeople in the area are proud of their environment and they tirelesslywork towards maintaining the natural beauty (Mega, 2012).

Inaddition to these activities, Alderman’s office partners with localschools. The environmental activists work with the teachers andstudents in open forums where they discuss other methods ofsustaining the environment. Most ideas revolve around dailyactivities that every student can participate. The Alderman alsoworks on increasing greenery within the ward by motivating theresidents into volunteering for marinating the parks and othervegetation (Mega, 2012). The program ensures that every member of thetown is actively involved with its upkeep. The policy leads to ahealthier population since not a single person leads a sedentarylife. Also, people are encouraged to undertake physical activities atleast three times in a week. Most of the food sold in the stalls andshops are farm fresh produce. The diet of the townspeople ishealthier than many areas within Chicago. Thus, the people arestronger and healthier due to the measures they take (Blais, 2015).

WickerPark has a recycling program that ensures there is no excess waste inthe community. Garbage is regularly collected from all theresidences. The streets are very clean showing that the inhabitantsare at no risk of being infected with diseases borne from trash(Blais, 2015). The Alderman also has strict regulation for thevarious construction sites within the town on how they minimize allforms of pollution. First of all, the working crew is only allowed touse heavy equipment between the hours of eight a.m. and eight p.m.When cutting timber, the workers must “wet saw.” Thus, thepresence of dust is absent from the site. The sites also have theresponsibility of maintaining their garbage disposal while ensuringthat there is no debris. The waste from building sites are notdeposited at the community’s dumpsite (Mega, 2012). The buildingsites also have to be covered by opaque meshes to trap dust and otherdirt. Every material that is not underused should be covered with atarp. Any work site that does not follow these regulations can bereported to the office of the Alderman (Mega, 2012). All these rulesensure that the locals are not adversely affected health wise. Theresidents are protected from the negative impacts of urbanization(Blais, 2015).

WickerPark’s overall assessment is that there is no evidence of communitydecay. The streets are clean without trash or abandoned vehicles. Allbuildings are clean, and none seem to be in disrepair (Blais, 2015).The community, in general, promotes good health. There are numeroussidewalks, and most of the inhabitants are physically active. Apublic health worker within such a place will have limitedresponsibilities since the community has succeeded in taking care ofitself (Blais, 2015).


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