Overcoming the Odds The Trump Candidacy

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Overcomingthe odds: The Trump candidacy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Managing a project attracts foes and friends alike. This is especially the case when you are running a nationwide project that touches on the life of everyone. The extent to which these kinds of projects succeed depends on personal ability to manage criticisms and turn them into opportunities, and the dedication of the supporters to win more support. Nowhere else has this been the case, than in the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. As a real estate mogul, Trump has extended his influence across various sectors such as real estate, hospitality and mass communication, but no time has his personality become under stiff critic than when he decided to throw his foot into the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

Given his shallow political background and a rather controversial stand point on many international and national issues, Trump has arguably faced more challenges, in his presidential bid, than most of other Republicans who have in the past offered themselves for this post.

If anything, Trump’s candidacy has faced myriad of challenges ranging from mismanagement of rowdy crowds to maladministration of the campaign trail itself. After demonstrations and violent faceoff between Trump supporters and that of his opponents, Trump respondent by firing the manager of his campaign, Corey Lewandowski, on June 2016. This was seen by many political analysts as effort to bring a semblance of order to a rather chaotic campaign machine. Lewandowski was fired after being at odds with Republican Nomination Committee and colleagues on core strategy, hindering the growth of the campaign, and blocking hires. By severing the professional relationship with Lewandowski, Trump tried to bring harmony into his political campaign. According to Kirstie Alley (one of the celebrity supporters of the Trump). His decisiveness in times of challenges appeals not only to the Republicans but also to some Democrats who have started to see him as an active rather than reactive political figure.

From managing his campaign train to raising funds, the wheels that turns Trump’s presidential bid have been punctured more than once. On May, Trump raised only $3 million compared to his Democrat rival, Clinton, who raised $26 million. According to Janet Elder (political editor for the New York Times), Trump’s fundraising drive is at a disadvantage because it is not widely understood. However, Kirstie Alley alludes any fear that the Trump campaign is running out of money. She stated that ‘with a lean campaign team, free publicity, and easy to secure a free TV interview, Trump needs less money than his rival Clinton, who requires a lot of positive advertisement, and paying news feature articles in order to clear her name from various scandals’. Some of the scandals she faces include leaked emails about Libya and Syria (which she sent using unsecured means when she served as a secretary of state), and damming allegations from leaked email about her plot to block Bernie Sanders presidential bid. Trust Trump to always Triumph, amid challenges and in this issue he came out and cleared the air by stating that he is not facing any financial problem. He claimed that if his fundraiser fails to get enough money he can raise extra fund from his personal finances.

In the party primaries, Trump was widely criticized by his opponents for his vocal rhetoric’s against Muslims.

Trump has been criticized for his proposal to construct Mexican border wall and making immigration policies stricter

He is recorded stating that he will not allow flow of ‘Muslims’ into U.S. without the strict checkup. However, Janet Elder noted that ‘by proposing strict immigration policy, Trump is flying with a familiar feeling of the majority of Americans who think the establishment has been very lenient on foreigners who came to U.S. with ill motive’. In addition, the increased terrorism incidences in Europe where more than 200 people have been killed (in France, Germany, and other Europe countries), the feeling of insecurity among the American has increased. Trump’s strong position on the issue of immigration seems to address this insecurity feelings despite criticism by various leaders across the world. Kirstie Alley suggested that Trump has mastered ways of appealing to the American voters, by stipulating their feelings in a way that many politicians would not. By doing this Trump has been able to stand out as a politician who is more concerned about internal affairs of the country, which gave him mileage over his Republican rivals and can make him lead a Hilary Clinton.

With no doubt, Trump has proved to be an intriguing candidate. He has mastered ways of silencing his rivals by exploiting their weaknesses, capitalizing on his high media coverage, leveraging on the main mistakes committed by competitors, and vocally stipulating issues that face ordinary Americans. However, his rhetoric has brought him under significant criticism not only from some Americans but persons and leaders from other countries around the world. How he has been able to silence the criticism and progress all the way to be a Republic party, presidential nominee can only be explained as a tale of overcoming the odds.

I interviewed Janet Elder (New York political editor) and Kirstie Alley (Celerity supporter of Donald Trump)

Interview Questions

  1. What can you say about Donald Trump’s candidacy?

  2. Trump has been very vocal on major issues affecting U.S. currently which have made him to attract heavy critic from various social groups. How do you think he has been able to respond positively to these critics and reassure the supporters that he means well for the country?

  3. What do you think has been the driving force behind the huge success of Trump in the Republican primaries?

  4. Why do you support/ or fail to support the Trump candidacy?

  5. What can you give as the pertinent issues that have helped Trump’s campaign trail to triumph in the party primaries?

  6. In the view of some political commentators, trump is not a natural Politian. Do you agree or disagree? ……………….If Yes Why……………….?

  7. What has been the most interesting turn of events or issues in the 2016 presidential race thatis not common in U.S. presidential elections?

  8. What do you think is the personal or political drive behind the energetic campaign carried out by Trump?

  9. What would you give as some of the issues that affects the Trump Candidacy and how has he been able to overcome them?

  10. Give your general comment on overcoming the odds as evident in the Trump candidacy?