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My dream job is working in the Hilton Concord hotel as a front deskagent. Hilton Concord is a modern hotel located in San Francisco’sEast Bay area. It offers a variety of local as well as regionallyinspired cuisines.

I interviewed Kate Anderson she works as the head of the humanresource department and has been working in the hotel for four yearsnow. Kate Anderson washed utensils and occasionally helped chefs withfood preparation in several local restaurants in Dallas when she wasa teenager. After high school, she opted to pursue a degree in humanresource management at the George Washington University. Upongraduating, she joined Thomas Cook Travel Company as a managementtrainee where she was later absorbed in the organization and giventhe mandate of handling workers’ recruitment and development. It isduring her stay at Thomas Cook Travel Company that her passion forthe tourism industry was rekindled. After being with the company forfive years, Mrs. Anderson joined Hilton Concord as the head of thehuman resource department a position she has held for the last fouryears.

One thing that she would have done differently in her career is thatshe would not have allowed her passion for the hospitality industryto dwindle. Now that she has fallen in love with everything thatpertains to the human service industry, she regrets not making herentrance earlier than she did. According to her, she would haveutilized her networks during her early 20s to develop a niche forherself. In an industry where networking is paramount, she thinksthat she would have been at a whole different level in terms of hercareer had she changed her part-time job into a career during herteenage years.

According to Mrs. Anderson, one of the things that she looks for in anew talent is passion. Mrs. Anderson informed me that the tourismindustry depends on a good experience for its survival. For customersto keep frequenting a hotel establishment, they need to be served bya passionate employee who always goes beyond his/her jobspecification to ensure that the guests have a memorable experience.Besides, Mrs. Anderson informed me that a passionate employee ensuresthat he/she acquires robust information on a variety of topics tokeep the guests busy while he/she serves them. Sometimes clients needsomeone to talk to after a long journey while they are booked intothe restaurants. According to Mrs. Anderson, the second thing shelooks for when hiring a new talent is effective communication.Communication is part and parcel of the human service industry, andtourism is no different. Effective communicators possess both verbaland non-verbal communication skills. As such, they are aware of themessages their gestures and other non-verbal cues convey to thoseround them. Thirdly, new talents in the hospitality industry need tohave problem-solving skills. Clients will always face hurdles, andthey appreciate a quick solution.

Mrs. Anderson’s advice to a student making his/her entrance intothe hospitality industry is that he/she should establish a niche forhimself/herself. Though the industry is robust and growing at a rapidspeed, it only absorbs the best. As such, the industry has no roomfor ill-prepared individuals in terms of rudeness, dishonesty, andlack of etiquette. One can also establish a niche for himself/herselfin the industry by ensuring that he/ she has many testimonials.Particularly, students entering the hospitality industry should seizeevery opportunity that involves exposing one’s talents. An exampleof such opportunities is participating in the various culinarycompetitions.

Oral Interview and Name

OralInterview and Summary

Brief overview of thecompany

InterstateHotels &amp Resorts is a luxury Management Company with a stronginternational presence. The organization was established in May 1960and works in partnership with Marriott Hotels. Interstate Hotels &ampResorts own and operate over 430 units around the world.

Persons,name, title, and how long they’ve been with the company

Ischeduled an interview with Kasey Dunbar, a Front Desk Manager atInterstate Hotels &amp Resorts to inquire about her career path, andadvice as an aspiring front desk agent in the company. Kasey hasworked with the company for three years.

Career path of theindividual

Kasey’shospitality career began after attaining her retail managementdegree. A friend suggested that her personality was a good fit forthe hospitality industry, and she felt that the front desk would be agreat start. She trained on the day and night shift where she enjoyedbeing the first impression of the guest’s at the hotel. After oneyear, she was rewarded with the post of Transient Sales Manager. Sherecalls attaining all her night room goals for one year after which,she was promoted to a Front Desk Manager.

One thing they wouldhave done differently in their career

Kaseynoted that she would have opted to study a degree in hotel managementor business administration instead of retail management. Most jointsrequire their managers to have a certain level of hotel managementexperience as it offers the needed versatility for the position. Sheobserved that her degree in retail management would take her longerto acquire the necessary qualifications for the overall managementposition. Consequently, she is required to attend additional coursesin supply chain management and accounting for qualifying for thepost. Therefore, she has enrolled in part-time studies in othercourses where she expects to graduate in one year.

Three things they lookfor when hiring new talent

Thelevel of education attainment is critical when hiring new talent.Individuals should have a bachelor’s degree in any field. However,applicants with a specialization in hotel management are preferredsince their skills match the position requirements. Other specialtiesrequire at least six months experience in a similar position in acomparable hotel with an international presence.

Secondly,they recruit individuals with experience in customer service. Kaseyexplained that the front office representative is the first personthe public meets in the hotel. Consequently, the applicant should beprofessional especially when handling customer complaints. Theyshould be friendly, with a positive attitude and highly motivated.They should create a welcome feeling to the guest and indicate thewillingness to assist. They should also be effective communicatorswho can obtain information required for assistance by the front deskmanagers. Similar characteristics are needed to answer the phone andredirect clients for further assistance.

TheThird essential quality is organization. The front deskrepresentative should maintain an organized reception center. Theyshould have the ability to use the computer in tracking procedures,obtaining details and maintaining accurate records. The agent shouldkeep the front desk free of clutter to present a professionalappearance to both the guests and fellow employees.

Advice they would givea student entering the hospitality industry

Kaseyexplained that it is imperative to understand the ladder. Mostmanagers start at entry-level jobs such as dishwashing, accountspayables or technical support. The entry-level builds the essentialcharacter and an opportunity to see the organization from asubordinate point. There is more to a position than what isobservable on the surface. Besides, the experience depends on thetype of work and division. Kasey observed that larger hotel brandsprovide learning and the ability to specialize in a particular area.However, smaller hotels require experience as the individual isexpected to complete various tasks and wear more than one hat.