Olive Gardens Restaurant The Ultimate Leader in Italian Cuisines


OliveGardens Restaurant: The Ultimate Leader in Italian Cuisines

Ihave always wanted to visit a restaurant offering exotic dishes tosatisfy my food curiosity. Several of my friends had hailed Italianhotels for their scrumptious dishes. I got a chance to visit theOlive Gardens Restaurant and it turned out to be one of the mostexquisite eateries for Italian-food lovers (Qiugley,2012). The unique texture of the walls with clasping plants gave thehotel a natural appearance.

Atthe door, a smartly dressed door attendant to a lit open room withwell-arranged oak tables and leather-bound chairs ushered me in. Ichoose the table farthest from the counter to get a holistic view ofthe patrons and works in the restaurant. Moments later, a serverdressed in a heavily pressed black dressed and white blouseapproached the table with a smile and a menu in hand. She extendedpleasantries before retracting a few steps to give me time to make mychoice.

Theserenity of the hotel was slightly interrupted by Adele and JustinTimberlake playing in the background. Although these are Americacollections playing in an Italian hotel, it is a strategy by themanagement to provide something local and lure more young clients.The music’s relaxed rhythm triggered a relaxed feeling and the urgeto stay for a few more minutes even after I was done with my dinner.

Whenthe Italian Margarita arrived, it looked sweet to the last orangeflavored crust. The margarita looked like a combination of numerouscandies attached to the glass. The unique sweetener gave it anorange-like taste. The appetizer consisted of crispy risottos bitesresembled the rice cooked in cheese. The Calabria wings were asspicy as in any American restaurant, but they had a blend ofGorgonzola sauce. Finally, the salad consisting of tomato and lettucecomplemented the delicacy.

Inconclusion, the Olive Gardens stands out as a preferred eatery formany clients for blending the Italian and American culture. The warmand courteous employees offer exquisite services(Qiugley,2012). Also, the tranquility of the hotel is favorable forindividuals willing to take dinner while listening to currentbackground playlists. Having tasted the Italian Margaritas, I willvisit the restaurant again to enjoy another delicacy.


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