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Manychanges have occurred in the agricultural sector over the past fiftyyears, which have increased the world`s food security. Today thereare many varieties of edibles as family income continually increaseswhile the food prices drop. Our generation is characterized byincreased food consumption and increased food exploration. The typeof food we eat today is very different from the past varieties offood.

Mostof the food that we buy is processed and has many chemical additives,unlike the previous generation where people ate purely fresh food.Many factors have brought these changes to our society today. Amongthem is increased urbanization rates. Industrialization is the maincatalysts of the shifts in the food production and consumption in thecontemporary society. Food is processed, and chemical spices areadded together with preservatives to enhance a longer shelf life.Many beverages that we enjoy today were not available in the pastgenerations. Increased food security has propagated rise in birthrates as people`s fertility levels have increased. Many foodsinnovations, such as pizza, were never in existence in the past,however, now it is a people`s favorite.

Today,many diseases affect the population due to poor feeding habits.People have shifted from the healthy natural foods to processed food.Many canned foods have high-calorie concentrations. People who donot observe balanced meals end up suffering from illnesses such asdiabetes and obesity. However, we decide what we eat and, therefore,our personal health is our responsibility. Food production industriesobserve hygiene where full mechanization is encouraged to reduce theintroduction of pathogens into the food. Therefore, it is true tostate that many changes have occurred in the modern system of foodwhich is different from the past methods.