Nursing Leadership Questions


NursingLeadership Questions

NursingLeadership discussion questions


Theleading factor of the conflict is a lack of communication from themanagement about the organizational activity. Therefore, as a nurseleader I would present this problem to the management by ensuringthat there is clear, accurate, concise and timely communication withfellow nurses. The second evident factor leading to conflict is anemotionally driven decision by the management on reorganization. As anurse leader, I would engage the management in discussions concerningthe reorganization and why it is deemed important. This way, othernurses will have clear knowledge why that reorganization is essentialand this could avoid any future conflicts.

Assumingby management is another factor leading to conflict in the workplace.The management assumes that their lack of communication andrestructuring the nurses is an acceptable behavior is wrong. As anurse leader I would ensure that here is a clear framework for makingdecisions. According to Daly et al (2004) such a framework involvesteamwork, collaborations and general input from nurses in the workingenvironment. This is an important process of talent building and alsoleadership development.


Personalaffiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders becausethey open opportunities for career development. At the same time,they open a nurse to learn more leadership skills by affiliating toestablished leaders. According to Kelly (2011), leadership is a skillthat is learned through association with others, leaders andfollowers alike. It is therefore important for a nursing leader totake an open attitude towards networking. Moreover, the communicationin personal affiliations possesses opportunities for expanding personnetworks. Personal affiliations and networking will benefit my careerin the future by opening me to new learning environments andrelationships. Personal affiliations and networking will also openopportunities for my career development. More importantly, he twowill also help me to gain insight on how the others are developingtheir career, and challenge me to do better.


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