Non Traditional Art

NonTraditional Art


Thestudy exposes nontraditional and applied forms of art as well as keyconcepts of art criticism. The following are the three examples ofnontraditional arts.


Image1.0: Zither

Source:(Museum of Fine Arts Boston, n.d).

Theimage 1.0 above indicates an example of a nontraditional art calledZither Rudra Vina. It was created in the late 1970’s by AdhikariMurari Mohan. The materials used to make the instruments includeivory, Teakwood, and Calabash. The instrument has been classified asChordophone music device. The size of the art is 121.9 Cm long andwidth is 45.7 cm while the height is 45.7 cm. The instrument isavailable in Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Museum of Fine Arts Boston,2016).

Theinstrument is considered nontraditional because it consists ofdigital applications that are preferred by the contemporary musicartist. For example, Row Peter used the instrument to play raga.Viewers say that the instruments fit in the digital society due toits nice figure and great sound (Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2016).

Thecultural perspective of this instrument is that it is used on specialoccasions such as wedding and events to entertain the guest. Thethree adjectives that express the meaning of this instrument are brown, pleasant, and entertaining instrument (Museum of Fine ArtsBoston, 2016).


Image2.0: Hirshhorn Museum

Source:(Washington D.C Museum, 2016).

Thetitle of the above art is Hirshhorn Museum and was created by anartist known as Hirshhorn Joseph in the late 1960’s. It is made upof brick and supported by four massive pillars made up of bricks.Besides, it has a huge screen that displays graphics. The walls ofthe building are coated with granite. The building total space is 2.7acres. It has a diameter of 231 feet and 82 feet high (Washington D.CMuseum, 2016).

Thebuilding above is considered non-tradition because it hosts worksmade by the contemporary artist. The art museum hosts the works ofthe top contemporary artist across the world. The viewers see thisart as one of the unique arts due to its cylindrical shape. It has asymbolic meaning that the building is a home of top arts across theworld (Washington D.C Museum. (2016).

Thecultural perspective of this art is to host artist works and talentsand pass it to the future generation. The three adjectives that maybe used to describe this art is a tall, huge, cylindrical building(Washington D.C Museum, 2016).


Image3.0: Double Mona Lisa

Image3.0 above shows the artwork that is available in the New York artmuseum. The artist of the above artwork is known as Muniz, Vik. Thisart was made in the year 1999. Besides, the above art was made fromthe digitalized macro magnetic print. The size of the above artworkis 800cm square (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, n.d).

Thisartwork is considered contemporary because it was produced usingdigital macro magnetic print which is valuable component of the newtechnology. Besides, it was created during the digital error in theyear 1999 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, n.d).

Theviewers see a significant cultural aspect of love in the LatinAmerican culture. The art has a symbolic meaning of love and unitywithin a family set up. The art has a cultural perspective that isbased on the Latin American family customs. The three adjectives thatmay express the feeling of art being communicated are love, unity,and care (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, n.d).


Image.4.0:The art of Aquatic creatures

Source:(Author, n.d)

Makingart brings out a genuine feeling of one’s identity and culture. Theimage above is a reflection of various colors being valued inAmerican Latino culture. The materials used to make the above arereusable plastic pieces with different colors, fabrics, and canvas.The overall impression of the complete piece is incredible because itcontains numerous attractive colors that reflect the aquaticcreatures such as fish. The titles of the art are aquatic creatureswhich have a significant meaning in American Latin customs.


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