Article:Isaac, M. (Jul 8, 2016). Facebook to Add ‘Secret Conversations’to Messenger App.

WhenFacebook launched the Messenger two years ago, it was seen as anafterthought. It was overshadowed by the popularity of WhatsApp,which had been acquired by the company at a cost of 19 billiondollars. The Messenger did not have adequate capabilities, comparedto its competitors. Nonetheless, the company has worked towardsimproving the application. David Marcus, a former PayPal executive,was tasked with adding new features to the app (Isaac, 2016).

Thearticle reports that Facebook is in the process of testing a newfeature in the Messenger, which will allow ‘secret conversations.`The improvement will allow `end to end` encryption of communications.It will improve the security of online messages, and thus attractmarket attention. The company will rely on the scale of the socialnetwork subscribers, which stands at over 1.65 billion, to sell theimproved app. These will enable it to compete with other apps such asWhatsApp, which have full encryption (Isaac, 2016).

Thenew features will allow the Messenger to take advantage of theincreased number of smartphones users in the modern society. However,it will be faced with intense competition in the local andinternational market due to other dominant messaging apps. Whencombined with WhatsApp, it will enhance the brand name and positionof Facebook in the world messaging market. Mr. Marcus has alsointroduced additional features, such as money transfer, Uber and GIFssupport in the Messenger. This has increased regular user to overseven hundred million users monthly (Isaac, 2016).

Despitethis, the Messenger has not started making money yet, mainly becausedownloads are free. The CEO of Facebook has stated that the companywill try to earn out of it after reaching a billion users. Theintroduction of ‘bots’ is one of the indicators that the app willstart generating revenues soon. However, some of the initialofferings have received negative receptions. To maintain themomentum, and make the Messenger a prime communication channel,building capacity is paramount (Isaac, 2016).


Isaac,M. (Jul 8, 2016). Facebookto Add ‘Secret Conversations’ to Messenger App.