New York



NewYork City

NewYork City is located in the United States of America. It hosts adiverse population encompassing business executives, tourists andstudents among others. The city is the headquarters of majorfinancial institutions such as the Stock Exchange (NYSE) andNASDAQ. It is also home to institutions of higher learning such asRockefeller University and University (NYC &amp Company,2013). The most popular borough is Manhattan. Other boroughs includeBrooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and State Island. Manhattan is one of themost expensive investment destinations globally. It has an expensivereal estate potential, making City an expensive destinationto conduct business. Despite the high cost of conducting business, is a glowing and sustainable city with a global recognitionfor creativity and recreation.

Anyvisitor departing from City probably longs for the dayhe/she would visit again because of its numerous intrigues. Suchvisits do not disappoint because is a socially tolerantcity. ers, as they like to be called, are friendly people.The city is replete with skyscrapers, which majestically display itstowering position on the global stage. More than twenty buildingsexceed 800 feet (NYC &amp Company, 2013). There are many televisionshows and films, which entertain those who care to watch and listen.It is a secure city where people can walk freely as security agenciesdot major avenues, streets and alleys, keeping its residents safe.There are many outdoor concerts, citi bikes, rooftop bars and myriadother restaurants where people can enjoy rich and diverse delicacies(NYC &amp Company, 2013). None of these delicacies beat the NewYork-style Pizza. is a beehive of activities. Cheerful NewYorkers exhibit a lot of energy. Every morning, the hustle and bustleof city life commences and continues throughout the day, whileglowing streetlights and the visual arts keep vigil during the night.


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