Never say Never

Neversay Never

Ihad always wondered what it felt like to be on the receiving end ofthings. Sometimes I had seen things happen to my friends and oftenwondered how it felt like to be on their end. I recall there was thisone time my friend Dustin forgot a cup of his cappuccino on top ofhis car. I believe he must have had a long day at work that hetotally forgot about his cup of delicious coffee. I was watchingDustin from a distance and I could not believe him driving off withhis cup of coffee on top of his car. I remember that day as if it wasyesterday. I laughed till my ribs hurt and I can recall saying tomyself that can never happen to me. No sooner had I said that thanthe same incident happen to me though it was only a few days away butthe vivid memories of my utterance made it seem as if it was a minuteapart. This is what happened to me on a fine Friday afternoon, Iforgot a load full of laundry at the top of my car. In other words, Iwent shopping with a laundry basket at the top of my vehicle. In thisessay, I will narrate the events that led me to go shopping with mylaundry basket full of clothes. This is the reason why someone shouldnever say I will never do something because the same words come tohaunt you.

Ican remember laughing till my ribs hurt at Dustin. Dustin is one ofmy closest friend and we have been friends for a couple of years.However, Dustin was at one time involved in an incident that made meswear to myself and Jason my other friend that a similar thing couldnot happen to me. Both Jason and I could not wait until we met Dustinand narrated the whole story to him as we were watching him from far.We did not spare Dustin on this occasion as he could only wish thatthe earth would just open up and swallow him alive. Little did I knowthat the same thing could happen to me, only that this time the storywould be worse.

Itwas a Friday afternoon and I was in high spirits. As usual I hadfinished my classes and I wanted to do some laundry and then do myshopping because I would be away for the weekend. Jason had organizeda party and I sure did not wish to miss it, it was a Friday afterall. I believe it this excitement that got my mind all confused asbrain was on overdrive and I wanted to finish things before they hadeven started. The only thing I can vividly remember was that I haddone my laundry kept it away and had about half an hour to get toJason’s party. That meant that I had only about ten minutes to rushto the grocery shop and do my shopping before heading out. So Irushed towards my vehicle got in and speed towards the grocery whichwas only two minutes away. I do not know how maneuvered some cornersbut on my intersection to one of the main roads, I felt somethingdrop from the top of my car to the road. My body froze intoimmobility as I wondered what had fallen from the sky. In a jiffy, Istepped out of my car only to find my laundry basket full of laundryat the side of the road. This is when I remembered the words I had Iuttered to Jason and I said to myself never say never!