Narrative Essay


Onechilly morning, on a weekend, I had just taken my breakfast. It waswinter, and nobody would have liked taking cold drinks. Coffee wasthe order of the day. The coffee was not hot from the feeling I had.If my body temperature was 37 Degrees Celsius, then the coffee wasnot so much different, and my guess is that it was 50 DegreesCelsius. I was sitting alone because mom and dad had attended aconference. My feet were resting on the dining table. Aftersometimes, I started feeling some distant pain on my tongue. Istarted wondering what was wrong. After sometimes it continued as itwas now becoming unbearable. I just settled my feet on the floor, nomore relaxing.

Itwas now a burning feeling. I decided to take some cold water with aview that it will quench the pain. I took 100ml, 200ml, 300ml andmore without feeling a sense of relief. Thoughts were now runningthrough my mind, as to what could have been the cause of the problem.The day before, we just took the normal meals we used to take on anyother Saturday. Before going to bed,I had read a book titled “Taking relationship to the next level,the moon.” The book had several ways and tips of taking therelationship to another level. The highest level was to feel in love.It had some ingredients to make it happen – many techniques andprocedures weredescribed.

Iwas interested in the book and the message it passedbecause I was hoping to make my relationship with my childhood friendsteamy. One of the ingredients described was ways of making out. Ilearned that it was the most important additive for starters, likeme. We had talked about going for a date the next day. Equipped withsome romantic words from the book, I felt I was ready for the bigoccasion of my life. We did some chats for some time over the phonebefore I retired to bedsince the author advised that I should not sleep late to enjoy thebig day! Because of the over excitement, I felt I could not sleep –yes, I became insomniac forsome one or two hours, beforewishing myself sweet dreams.

Iwoke up very early to prepare and make the necessary arrangements.These included the type of cloth I was to wear and the kind ofmovements I was to make. I had to practice and get used to some rareromantic words and sentences too. After exercising, it was now timefor breakfast. That is how I found myself in the dining hall forbreakfast. For about an hour, the pain was at it again! Ithought it waspossibly the coffee I, which was causing the pain. Imagine the coffeewas about 100 degrees Celsius! Then I remembered the key ingredientfor beginners in a love relationship, making out. How will I kiss herwith an itchy tongue? Will I feel it as described in the book?

Itis then that I started thinking about missing the date. Will myfriend ever forgive me such an embarrassment? Those are some of thequestions, which were traversing my mind. I do not remember answeringthem either. Therefore, I had to bear the pain and attend the bigoccasion. We met, and I had to pretend as if everything was allright. I was feeling frustrated because I had to keep the keyingredient in my pocket.