Mystery of Human Existence


Mysteryof Human Existence


Mysteryof Human Existence

Inthis paper I will focus on the mystery of human existence. Humanevolution refers to the process by which the modern human beings cameinto existence. The process of human development is known as amystery because there is no solid proof of how it happened. Theprocess is typically described using two theories Darwin`s theory ofevolution and the creation theory. Darwin`s theory of naturalselection argues that organisms changed over time due to changes thatoccurred in their natural habitats. Charles Darwin points out to theexample of how dinosaurs went extinct as they could not survive thechanges that were occurring in their habitat(Hetherington, 2012).

Mysteryand summary of two theories

Thecreation theory contrasts the Darwinism theory of natural selectionby arguing that all human beings were created from mud by anall-powerful creator called God. The method is explained in the Biblewhereby it is emphasized that God created heaven and earth andeverything that is in it. The Bible also teaches that God existedbefore all things, and He created the universe out of nothing(Rieppel, 2011).


Themain purpose why I have chosen the mystery of human existence is thatup to this day no one knows what happened precisely. Differenttheories have been formulated, but there is none which explains howpeople came into existence conclusively. The other reason for mychoosing of this mystery is that both theories pose some questionsthat go unanswered hence, there is a need for more research on thesubject.


Themystery of human existence still continues as people have not yetfound out what happened or how people came into existence. Both theDarwinism and creation theories do not offer conclusive informationas both of them fail to explain some questions rose. The creationtheory does not explain where God came from, and the Darwinism theorydoes not explain why modern human beings are not currently evolving.


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