My Nursing Career Path

MyNursing Career Path


Iam a female student aspiring to enroll in a BSN program. Currently, Iam employed at the Rex UNC Healthcare Hospital in the surgery wardwhere I work as a nursing assistant. Before I moved to theinstitution, I was engaged in palliative care in Raleigh. When I wasa child, I did not have any intentions of becoming a nurse, and I wasnot interested in any specific medical career path. After mybachelor’s degree in zoology, I ventured into cosmetology but laterchanged to radiography in 2014. However, contrary to my expectationsthat I would find it interesting to assist patients, the clinicalprocedures became challenging and I started losing interest.Gradually, I realized that I could interact well with people andattend to their various problems. Also, I discovered that a feelingof pleasure and satisfaction accompanies a positive feedback fromclients.

Mygoal as a prospective nursing student is to indulge in cancertreatment. My objective towards the specialization was triggered bythe desire to assist terminally ill patients who face a ratherpainful experience. I also attribute it to my aunt who came to livewith us in New Delhi after being diagnosed with lymphoma. For the twomonths that we stayed together, she endured excruciating pain anddiscomfort that affected us psychologically. It was traumatizing towatch her edge towards death without having any means to alleviateher suffering. The experience made me appreciate the value of lifeand sound health.

Ibelieve that I have the supportive skills and talents that willenable me to become a model nurse. First, I have a high regard forpatients, and I work hard to ensure that their specific needs aremet. I presume that this attitude is consistent with the provisionsof patient-centered care. Working for the best interest of theclients not only strengths the collaboration between them and theclinicians but it also facilitates adherence to the treatment plan.In Rex where I have been working for more than one year, theadministration has recognized and awarded me several times fordischarging explicit services to the clients. In a clinical setting,it is efficient to review the quality of services rendered by staffby evaluating the patients’ feedback. In addition, I embraceteamwork and resilience which I believe are primary attributes formedical professionals. I molded these values while participating incollege games in college whereby I won several medals bothindividually and in a team. These skills will be instrumental in thenursing career and in line with the institution’s mission ofproviding a vibrant and supportive y environment for learners. Theywill enable me to liaise well with other staff members and put upwith challenging situations.

Inaddition, my career goal as a cancer nurse is consistent with thecurrent trends in healthcare. The changes in climate, lifestyle andeating habits are exposing an increased number of people to thegrowth of malignant cells. Cancer has become an issue of publichealth importance and gaining skills in the field will make me aninstrumental asset in palliative facilities. Also, with the inflatedinvestment of government in cancer programs, I will find a supportiveenvironment to offer quality services for the best interest of thepatients. Working toward alleviating their pain and restoring theirhealth will pave the way for a satisfying career path.


Iam aware that the nursing career is not devoid of challenges that cansometimes be demoralizing. It also exposes one to some emotionallyfulfilling experiences that help in shaping one`s career andattitude. During my stay at Raleigh, I encountered patients fromdifferent backgrounds who required both health and moral support. Ionce attended a 79-year old lady whose experience at the facilityinfluenced the way I approach clients and their caregivers. For eightmonths, the lady had been suffering from cervical cancer, and she hadundergone therapies in different hospitals before her family membersdecided to seek services from Raleigh. Surprisingly, of her threesons who were college-educated and working the same state, only onedropped in occasionally to check on her. My natural sense ofcompassion drove me tospend a considerable amount of time with herwhen I was free, and I assisted her to break from her shell ofloneliness. According to her, her sons gave up on her after shebecame terminally ill and the absence of a responsible caregiver madeher condition deteriorate.

Idiscovered that most family members are oblivious to the importanceof moral support for terminally ill patients. Every time I sat withher in the hospice, she would express how she missed her family andwished they could visit her. She once made an arrangement with thehospital administration to call her three children to enquire abouttheir well-being and requested them to visit her in the hospital.Luckily, when they showed up a week later, I was lightly engaged, andI made a point of having a word with them before they left.Surprisingly, they believe that their mother would not survive hercondition, and there was nothing much they could do to help her. Iexplained to them that all theirmotherneeded was warmth and emotional support. Although I was not the nursein charge of the ward I felt that I had a moral obligation as herfriend to inform them of her concerns. Fortunately, the trio wascooperative and inquisitive of how they would help their mother. Ireferred them to the head nurse who advised them on how to look aftertheir terminally ill mother. For the following weeks that shesurvived, they would make time once a week and the patient’semotional health improved tremendously.

Theexperience influenced the way I perceive the family members ofterminally ill patients. Sometimes, they feel demoralized to thepoint of presuming themselves as helpless towards their sickrelative. Assisting such clients instigated me to pursue nursing andlater specify in cancer nursing. Also, the objective of providingcomprehensive care for patients is in line with the mission of theinstitution that seeks to produce practitioners who are dynamic andin a capacity to address the changing needs of clients presentingwith different diseases. The ordeal also led me to appreciate thecomprehensive care for patients. With these skills and experiences, Ibelieve that I will be a successful student and later a modelpractitioner. My goal will not end after attaining the BSN, but Iwill exploit the available opportunities in the institution toadvance my career.