My Career Choice

MyCareer Choice


MyCareer Choice

Oneof the most important things in the life of a person is the type ofcareer he or she chooses. My choice of becoming an operations managerhas been informed by a number of reasons such as a good salary,benefits, and diverse and vast business experience. As an operationsmanager, I will gain a lot of experience on how businesses run andsince I wish to be an entrepreneur one day then such know-how isvaluable.

Currently,the operations management career has a starting annual salary of$43,000, making it one of the most attractive career choices forstudents. Operations management career also come along with jobsecurity since operation managers are some of the most soughtindividuals, after graduation, in the current job market. Operationmanagers, further, play a significant role in the daily activities ofany company since they are involved in almost all operations. Forinstance, they take part in the purchases, sales, contacting vendors,storage of goods, designing and formulating products, qualitymanagement, and control among others. Dealing with such manyactivities in the organization makes them some of the busiest andmost important people in the organization.

Beingan operations manager means that someone is always handling a certaintask at any given time thus it is not a boring career. Operating asa manager will give me the needed skills necessary in opening andoperating a successful business. I have a feeling that I fit in thiscareer as I also worked as an operations manager in my father`sgrocery store and I felt that one day I should own my business aswell. My future success as a businessman depends on how I handletoday`s challenges, which will be of immense significance towardsshaping my role and responsibilities. Currently, I am trying toperfect the skill of working under minimal or no supervision as a wayof instilling discipline in myself especially, when handling longhours tasks.

Ichose to study at South University as it is recommended as one of thebest schools where someone can train for operations management. Theschool offers a well-researched degree program that makes itsgraduates some of the most sought in the job market. I am glad for mychoice of school as I have enjoyed each moment of my stay and I hopethat I will be able to apply what I have learned.

Workingas an operations manager will also benefit me in the future as I willbe able to interact with all types of people, from varied backgroundsand ethnicities. The success of my future endeavors as anentrepreneur will depend on how I network with people from differentaspects of the economy hence, I hope that the current connections Iwill build will come in handy. Working as an operations manager alsoneeds a number of skills such as leadership, team building, and goodcommunication since I will be dealing with employees from alldepartments of the organization. Such skills will also come in handywhen I start operating my own business.

Adegree in operations management enables graduate to be able to changejobs effectively since a lot of positions fall under the umbrella ofoperations management. This makes such degree holders more mobile andflexible in the same company or any other organization that theychoose to work for.