Mind Body Techniques

MindBody Techniques

How important is the inclusion of complementary and alternativehealth care practices into plans of care?

The inclusion of the complementary and alternative health carepractices help in ensuring that the client gets high-qualitymedication and care. The practices also focus solely on thepopulation-based nursing approach that is more effective in dealingwith the patients. The population-based nursing approach oftenfocuses on a patient as a whole instead of dealing with the illnessonly. As a result, the practices enhance the patient outcomes andfacilitate the innate healing and not just the physical healing asthe conventional treatment does (Frasset al., 2012). In fact, it focuses on the mind, body, andspirit, so the patient can understand more approaches that will helpin tackling the particular problem. Hence, the treatment will be moreefficient since it is also inquiry driven and use the naturalapproaches too. As a nurse, what can you do to help improve theimplementation of these practices?

There is the need to facilitate the insurance coverage of thepractices since none seems to exist currently. The decision will evenensure that most of the patients access the required funding tosupport the health care services that they will receive. Apart fromthat, I will urge the state to undertake reforms that will ensuremost of the approved practices under complementary and alternativehealth care are covered by the Affordable Health Care Act (Harriset al., 2012). Such a step ensures that the patients willreceive the required treatment at the right time, and the paymentwill be settled without any inconvenience as well. Mostly, thecomplementary and alternative healthcare is based on the belief thatone will heal but, it rather lacks the solid research to back up thedecisions made (Harris et al.,2012). Hence, I will strive to make them be evidence-basedpractices to ensure that everything is proved before beingimplemented.


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