Merits of Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner


Meritsof Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner

Iintend to work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I believe that thespecialization offers professional flexibility. As an FNP, I wouldwork in clinics, urgent care centers, schools, hospitals, and privatepractices. Being a Family Nurse Practitioner also guarantees adequateskills in all the stages of dealing with illness from diagnosis,medication to the recovery period. Therefore, I would assess themedical condition of the patients, order tests, diagnose, and admitpatients to hospitals when necessary. In essence, the discipline willavail seamless care to my patients thereby elevating the resultanthealthcare outcomes.

Theother motivation to be a Family Nurse Practitioner is the fact thatthe area exhibits increased autonomy in the field of nursing. As aresult, one can tackle greater responsibilities that enhance theindependence of the treatment process thereby reducing the necessityof a physician. Countries all over the world have acknowledged theexpertise of a Family Nurse Practitioner. Consequently, there isdecreasing demand for such professionals to work under thesupervision of physicians.

TheFamily Nurse Practitioner also provides an opportunity to offer bothpreventative and primary care. In general, the nursing profession ishumanitarian and aims at safeguarding human life. I am passionateabout providing care because I believe in saving lives.

Thedeficit of professionals in the area also ascertains the significanceof increasing the numbers of nurses in the field since a majority ofnursing graduates do not end up working as Family Nurse Practitioner(FNPs). It is evident that addressing the interests and needs ofpatients in the practice is the sole target of nursing specialists.However, the sustainability and significance of a Family NursePractitioner such as a potential for better-earning and increasedemployment prospects are the other reasons that motivate nursingprofessions like me to become Family Nurse Practitioners.


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