Medical Marijuana Part 1



Thetopic of interest is medical marijuana. It concerns the use ofcannabis for clinical purposes. I first came across the topic in amedical magazine. The reason why the matter is interesting is becauseit has attracted a debate across the nation regarding whether it isethical to use marijuana for medical grounds. The inspiration for theissue comes from the need to provide quality care by using marijuanato treat diseases or improving symptoms.


Theuse of marijuana to treat illnesses or enhancing symptoms of diseasesis a matter that has attracted debate. Different stakeholders suchas health professionals and law enforcers have been involved inarguing whether there is a need to utilize cannabis in the healthsetting. This has led to different issues from the interested andopposing parties.

Oneof the issues that have emerged with the use of marijuana in themedical setting concerns the addiction that it causes. It has beenargued that cannabis has the capacity to make users addicted (Newton,2013). Thus, when utilized in the health area, it is likely to makepatients dependent on it for healthy living. Therefore, this islikely to bring more health problems to the users. Another issue isthe legal procedure of obtaining marijuana for medical use. Sincecannabis is illegal, allowing its use in clinics is likely to makeadherence to law difficult since people may break the law by usingmedical reasons as an escape route (Weil &amp Backes, 2013).Furthermore, another concern that emerges with the use of medicalmarijuana is assisting patients improve their overall health. Thisemanates from its ability to heal different diseases. Thus, it wouldbe beneficial to patients.


Theissue that I will write about concerning the topic is thelegalization of marijuana for medical purposes. The unique angle thatI will provide concerns the benefits that originate from usingcannabis for clinical reasons.


Theaudience for the issue includes medical practitioners and lawmakers.The health professionals will have an interest in the matter sincethey have a role in providing the best services to their patientswithout failing them. Alternatively, lawmakers will be interested indeveloping rules that ensure the public benefits fully.

Inensuring that the writing appeals to the audience, I will structureit in a way that gives them a better understanding of the issue. Forinstance, I will make sure that I give a detailed explanation of thebenefits of utilizing marijuana for clinical purposes. This will makethem have a better view of the concept.


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