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Cholecystitisis an abdominal ailment characterized by the inflammation of an organcalled gallbladder a small partwith a pear shape linked to the liver on the upper rightabdominalside (Christian,2014).Thechief role of the gallbladder isstorage of the bile juice that playsa paramountrole in the digestionof fat in a process known as emulsification in the duodenum. Aboutthe 95% of cases of cholecystitis result from gallstones formed bythe bilirubin and cholesterol found in the bile, also known asbiliary sludge (Christian,2014).Otherinstancesof the disease may result from trauma and treatment for diseasesassociated with bile or the liver. Symptoms and signof illnessincludesevere pain on the upper right abdominal side in both acute andchronic types of the disease(Christian,2014).Other symptoms of the illnessincludea slight fever, chills, abdominal bloating, vomiting, sweating,nausea and little or no appetite.


Asa nurse I would educate the cholecystitis patients on the importanceof checking their weight as the obesity has been shown to causegallstones which could further complicate the problem (Ellison,2015).Patients should also be advised to stop taking high-fat and friedfoods to prevent the formation of the gallstones. Patients may takeolive oil, avocado, raw beetroot juice, and lemon and vinegar juicein their right proportion. I will educate the patients on the dangersof consumption of alcohol which increases the risk of gallstones andcholecystitis.


Inmost cases,patients with cholecystitis are hospitalized and for a given periodthey are permitted to eat liquid and solidfoods or liquid food given intravenously (Christian,2014).They arealso putonpain medications antibiotics. As a result of the recurrence nature ofthe disease,thedoctormay eventually recommend removal of bladder surgically(&quotCholecystitis,&quot2016).However for patients with gangrene or gallbladders perforationsrequire immediate surgery.


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