Manual Healing Method IP3

ManualHealing Method IP3

ManualHealing Method IP3

Notably,massage is an example of manual treatment for it comprises ofphysical healing method, which includes pressure and manipulation ofmuscles. Massage therapy is used for physical ailment as well asultimate mind-meets-body cure it offers both physical andpsychological benefits. Besides, it enhances blood circulation, whichis critical for injury therapy. The clinical goal of massagetreatment is relieving muscle spasms or stretching particular injuredmuscles(Bronfort, Haas, Evans, Leininger, &amp Triano, 2010).Likewise, reducing soreness, muscle tension, repairing injuredtissues, and relieving nerve firmness are also part of the clinicalgoals for a massage treatment. Nonetheless, massage therapy hasseveral side effects, for instance, discomfort, inflammation,momentary pain, and sensitivity to massage lubricant. But then again,massage therapy is generally safe, and it only has side effects ifnot performed by a professional therapist. Apparently, massagetherapy interacts with conventional treatment such as workout,reflexology, and relaxation. The cost of massage therapy vary withthe hospital, in Seattle, the price is $340 while the price inTuscola is $50. For effective treatment, a patient is usuallyrecommended to attend three sessions per week. For one to be termedas a massage therapist, he or she must have acquired affiliation in aspecialized association, training, and education with an endorsedCollege as well as a board warranty, and a license.

Chiropractictreatment is also an alternative type of manual healing method it isused to diagnosis neuromuscular ailments, with highlight to spinemanipulation through manual adjustment. The primary goal ofchiropractic treatment is to treat parts of diminished movement inthe joints, thereby relieving pain, and enhancing joint functioningas well as general health(Boyles, Toy, Mellon, Hayes, &amp Hammer, 2011).The side effect of this treatment is discomfort, fatigue, fleetingheadache, or vertigo. Similarly, scholars have suggested that strokeis an adverse effect of chiropractic treatment. Seemingly, thetreatment interacts with other conventional treatment such asmassage, and prescribed medicine. The average cost of chiropractictreatment is $65 per session however, the price can range dependingon the session the cost in the Midwest is $60 per session and $70 inthe South per session. The recommended sessions are threeconsultations every month for a whole year. For one to be licensed asa chiropractor, he or she must obtain a Masters or Doctoral degree inmedicine from a certified college or university.

Pressurepoint therapy is a treatment used to release rigidity, increase bloodflow and intensifying the body’s vital lifespan vitality so as toaid healing by use of an ancient acupressure trigger points. It is atraditional Chinese method of healing used for nausea and relievingpain. It is an alternative healing technique centered on the conceptof life dynamism with the intention of clearing blockage in theapexes (Bronfort,Haas, Evans, Leininger, &amp Triano, 2010).Practically, the pressure is applied utilizing hands, numerousdevices, for example, needle, and by elbow. Unfortunately, pressurepoint treatment has side effects such as miscarriage duringpregnancy, it is also slow thus time-consuming, and it might end upbeing ineffective in the end. The treatment is accompanied withconventional treatment like massage. Essentially, pressure point isalso used in cancer treatment, stress management, and in reducingvomiting. It is also recognized as self-treatment since one canperform the procedure by themselves. The price of the treatmentvaries depending on whether the practitioner is trained or not, withan untrained personnel, it cost $50 per session and whereas with atrained specialist it cost $75 to $125. To become an acupressuretechnician, one has to acquire an undergraduate degree coursework inmassage therapy.


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