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The character traits of an individual determine their leadershipability in the classroom, workplace, and society. In the classroom,the first leader that student encounter is the teacher. As such, itis essential to determine the “as is” picture as well as the “tobe” picture of the class facilitator to understand their impact onthe students.

As is Picture

  1. The class facilitator is flexible given that he understands the needs of all students. This stems from the extensive amount of experience he has dealing with students from different backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

  2. Two of the character traits that the teacher shows on a daily basis are outgoing and creative. These qualities are essential in creating a motivated and hard working class. In addition, these traits inspire students who face challenging situations in class, which in normal circumstances would result in low self-esteem and poor performance (Berk, 2013).&nbsp

To be Picture

  1. While the current traits of the teacher have proved to be forthcoming, incorporating some changes is vital in leveraging his leadership skills and the overall outcome of the class. Firstly, focusing on online classes and e-learning can enhance the teacher’s flexibility. For example, the teacher should create criteria for both classroom and online classes. As such, the entire class can benefit from the advantages of both approaches and at the same time eliminate the weaknesses and risk factors from both teaching approaches.

  2. While focusing on performance is ideal for overall class performance, the teacher should change the class system, which focuses on grades. In this case, emphasis should be on introducing new ways of testing and class evaluation. This will reduce the pressure on the students (Berk, 2013).&nbsp


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