Management with Law


Managementwith Law

Managementwith Law

Ona personalview,I had several careers I wanted to pursue but the long list ended upto two careers,and that is Biotechnology and . Weird it may seemthat such a combination of Biotechnology and Management with Lawisjust very unrealistic. In life people have different levels ofaspirations some high, others low while others can never be satisfiedwith the position they arein.Just as Maslow came up with the hierarchy of needs human wants arealways insatiable and recurrent thus, the need to get more and more.That is, as one fulfills his or her need another arisessimultaneously which consequently can beconcludedthat humans will always not lack the urge of fulfilling and getting agiven want or need. The reasons why I would like to undertake theresearch on management with the lawis vast and cross cutting. First, I am an academician I likestudying and exploring new ideas that can add experience to myknowledge.

However, will orient me with several concepts that relateto business. It playsan existential role in the management of any business. According toSadgrove (2016) suchconcepts would include

Obeyingthe law which results into efficient management practices, such askeeping one`sbusiness in compliance with the law. Inefficient management canviolate several laws such as paying the wrongamount of taxes. Besides, the main role of management with lawfacilitates the establishment of fiscal integrity as well asstability, job opportunities, prosperity, and first-rate products andservices.

Thiscourse possesses vital critical thinking abilities, which includecritical research skills as well as beneficial writing ability.Hence, graduates in business, public policy, and need these skills.Besides, employers need employees who possess a comprehensivebusiness management with a lawbackground.

Relevantwork experience I have include an internshipat a pharmaceutical company in the administrationdepartment where I wasresponsiblefor inspecting defected products, creating a defect manual andupdatingand creating work instructions. Additionally, I saw how differentdepartment and lawyers inspected incoming products,and this proved the importance of management and law in the businessprocess.

First,I had passion in biotechnology, which I pursued as an undergraduateprogram and passed well. Apart from this,I have had the dream of setting a family business. For me to make itvalid,I just need to pursue a course that will orient me well with thefield of business,and that is where comes in. My academic interestshave always been to satisfy my two core passions in life.Fortunately, the first passion which was biotechnology has beensatisfied at the undergraduate level and now I am on my secondpassion, which is .

Inconclusion, inorder tofulfillmycareer aspirations,I would like to grow and set up a family business. My vision is tocreate a successful business that can compete in both national andinternational spheres. Hence, to realize all these aspirations I willfirst need tocomplete my programin management with law. Consequently,the above discussion constitutes my reasons for having the interestin doing a program in management with law.


Sadgrove,K. (2016). Thecomplete guide to business risksmanagement.Routledge.