Love of Car Transportation as We Age

Loveof Car: Transportation as We Age

Loveof Car: Transportation as We Age

Thedocumentary ‘Loveof car: Transportation as we age’illuminates on the needs of aging drivers and solutions on how tokeep them safe on the road. The documentary features interviews withaging drivers and community members that support the transportationneeds of seniors in Atwater, Minnesota who give inspiring quotes oncaring for the elderly. One of them is ‘… although the elderlymay not understand all that they taught, at least they know thatthere is readily available help’. This quote shows the readiness ofthe community to help through educational programs.

Toenhance independent living, members of the community, both young andold need mobility, safety and community assistance. Therefore,diversity in transportation means is necessary to make a communitylivable for people all ages. The community of Atwater, Minnesota,takes diverse measures to ensure that transportation is adequate andwell suited for all ages including the senior citizens. Cars androads are designed to guide and accommodate senior drivers as well asoffering driving simulation lessons to increase cognition andattention on the road. Additionally, the young can help seniors byguiding them in other areas such as assisting around their homes ordriving them around. The inclusion of all, young and old in keepingsafe on and off the roads, as well as public transportation andseniors’ transportation services help in developing a livablecommunity for all ages (MinnesotaVideo volt, 2009).The community also assists the transition of the elderly who are nolonger able to drive or use other means of transportation.

Oneof the most challenging problems facing aging drivers is the reducingcognitive ability. As people age, their ability to maintain attentionto their surroundings while driving decreases (MinnesotaVideo volt, 2009).Vision deteriorates as one grows older and this could increase thechances of aging drivers to cause accidents.

Itis the role of OTA to assess the suitability of aging drivers tocontinue driving and assisting their transition in case they arefound unable to drive. OTA provides programs that educate seniors andthe community members on how to keep safe on the roads. They alsoidentify the main issues that face aging drivers through professionalassessments in reference to their physical fitness. OTA providestherapeutic programs for aging drivers to increase their ability todrive.


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