Life in New Rochelle for the Petrie family

Lifein New Rochelle for the Petrie family

ThePetrie family story is based on the comedy series popularly known asThe Dick Van Dyke Show. Although the film has many characters, themain events revolve around the Petri Family, which is composed of thehusband Rob Simpson Petrie, Laura Petrie, who is the wife and theirson Richard Rosebud Petrie. As a head writer for a televisionprogram, Rob Petrie works hard in an attempt to balance his work inNew York City and his family life in New Rochelle. His wife Laura isa homemaker and in this film, she at times tries to go back to herprevious career as a dancer. The experience of this family is quitecomplicated with some bouts of tension and problems here and there.This paper looks at the life of this family in New Rochelle and itsdesirability.

Jugglingbetween family and work, several issues arise in Rob’s life. Therelationship between him and his wife puts a strain on the marriageand prompts the occurrence of individual events in an attempt torectify the issues. For instance, his wife Laura tries to dye herhair blonde and at some point, there is a bit of role-play betweenthe two. As if this is not enough, their son Richie begins allegingthat he is being stalked by a giant woodpecker. This whining by theirson further stresses them even though Rob thinks that it is all a wayof seeking attention.

Outsidetheir home, several other issues surround this family for instance,when Rob stubbornly insists that they had the wrong baby from thehospital. He claims that one in every 50 million women possesses thewrong child. There is also another event where the Petrie familyoverhears their neighbors talking about them. Apparently, their nextdoor residents make an intentionally hurtful comment about Robhimself. This happening spurs a change in their otherwise politebehavior. Their neighborhood is also quite simple, but aspects ofinsecurity can be observed when the family is robbed by a catburglar.

Itis clear that the Petrie family had a lot of issues in their lives.These problems were associated with their household, work and theirinteraction with the society. Even though the quarrels and fightsbetween Rob and Laura were many, they were able to come to consensusmost of the time. Their community was also one that affected theirlives. With neighbors of different characters and friends whosurrounded them, Rob and Laura made contact with these peoplesometimes in a friendly manner and at times there were instances ofconfrontation. Security issues in New Rochelle were also present, andit is depicted by the burglary. Similarly, schooling for their sonwas tainted by claims and allegations of bullying.

Desirabilityof the Life

Lifein Rochelle is appealing as illustrated in the various events thathappen throughout the film. Even though problems and other setbacksexist, they seem to be all part and parcel of life anywhere in theworld. The appropriateness of the residence is depicted by the wayauthorities handle issues related to law-breaking for example, whenRob is arrested for hitting a woman. Additionally, there are noinstances where gangs and robbers kill and steal rampantly. Eventhough the residents mentioned bad things about the family, we can beable to confirm that at the end of the day the issue was dulyresolved. The togetherness and unity of the community are quite high.Lastly, the availability of jobs is another feature that makes theplace inviting coupled with the willingness of the people to assisteach other in that effect. I therefore attest that the conditions inNew Rochelle are calm and desirable for me and anyone who would liketo experience the same, especially in a family setup.