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Whatare your professional goals and how will an MBA, MAcc, MS.CYBS fromSaint Leo University assist you in reaching those goals?

Havingacquired a Degree in Business Management from Eckerd College, Ibelieve and feel that it is high time that I enroll for an MBA atSaint Leo University. One of the goals that has driven me to seek anMBA is that I am looking forward to gaining skills and knowledge thatwill enable me to rise in the ranks and become a senior projectmanager. This is a position that will not only offer me anopportunity to earn more money but also be in control of largeprojects. An MBA from this reputable institution will provide metechnical skills in accounting and finance that will be critical inthe management and running of projects as a senior manager.Additionally, I look forward to acquiring analytical skills from theuniversity that will enable me to develop a corporate strategy and astrategic plan for my position as a senior project manager. Anothergoal is to connect with people in the same project managementindustry who will offer insight into how to manage people, resourcesand time in my new position. The University will provide thisopportunity to me since all my school mates will likely be interestedin project management. My selection of Saint Leo University wasinformed by the fact that the institution is reputable across theworld, and its graduates have been known to work and becomesuccessful across the world.

Basedon your previous collegiate, professional, and life experience, whydo you think now is the right time for you to enroll in the MBAprogram?

Itis evident from my resume that I have been working as a projectmanager for numerous development, renovation, and expansion projectsworth millions of dollars. I have been in project management since1995 to 2014 andtherefore, I feel it is the right time for me to acquire the vitalanalytical and technical skills that will enable me to rise on theladder and become a senior project manager. Over the years as aproject manager, I have gained tremendous experiences and establishedvaluable business relationships, which will be critical in myoperations. The experience that I have gained, coupled with an MBAfrom Saint Leo University will offer me the best chance of landing ajob as a senior project manager. This is the reason why I feel that Ineed to join the university and undertake my MBA.

Iam in possession of a construction management certificate, generalcontractor license, and I am conversant with AutoCAD, Microsoft andinternet applications. These certificates and skills, coupled withthe MBA degree will provide numerous opportunities for growth in mycareer hence the need to undertake the MBA course now. Theopportunities to take an MBA from such a university are rare, and itis, therefore, essential for me seize this chance and advance myknowledge and skills. Having worked as a project manager since 1995and having been successful in all my projects, it is evident that Ineeded to advance and occupy a senior position. Unfortunately, thesenior project manager requires an MBA hence the need to start itnow.

Ifyou had below a 3.0 GPA at the undergraduate level, how do you thinkyou will be able to handle the academic rigor of a graduate programthat requires students to maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA?

Itis essential for me to state that I am ready for a graduate coursesince I had a 3.7 GPA. This is higher than the 3.0 GPA that isrequired for a student to handle the academic rigor of a graduateprogram. My desire and drive to acquire and MBA, coupled with my highGPA are sufficient to enable me to handle the requirements of thecourse successfully.