The list of leadership qualities and characteristics is notexhaustive. An individual tend to choose them depending on what he orshe considers to be an ideal leader. Some people believe that leadersare born, while others argue that leadership qualities are acquiredthrough training and experience. I support the later. A leader isinfluenced by several factors, which have a direct impact on thepreferred leadership qualities. These influences may come from rolemodels, where a person develops a perception of a perfect leader oradopt leadership qualities depending on observed behaviors andpersonalities. My father has influenced my view of a perfect leaderas well as the traits I would pursue to develop my leadershipcompetencies.

Handwork is the most important leadership quality in my father.Through his deeds and words, he always emphasizes the need to workhard to be successful in life. As the head of the family, he leads byexample. He is always the first person to get out of bed in themorning and teaches us the value of working hard. According to myfather’s philosophy, a person is judged by the things he or shedoes and how firm he or she pushes to achieve set goals. This definesthe kind of leaders who can make a difference in their personal livesand that of others. Intelligent and smart strategies, as well asadvanced technologies, will enhance the capability, but they will nothelp a person to reach the top. Consequently, in my father’s world,there was no room for excuses.

My dad has worked in one organization for the better part of hiscareer and life. He has put a lot of effort to earn his position inthe company, despite many challenges. Through commitment andsteadiness towards the achievement of the organizational goals, hehas emerged to be one of the most respected managers. He always says‘if you are asked to do something, be sure that you will be able todo it.” This means that if a leader accepts a task, he or sheshould have the determination and will to execute it and deliver thedesired results. Consequently, many leaders fail because they takeprojects that are beyond their abilities. skills andcapabilities are acquired progressively through experience. My fatherdid not rush from one organization to another in search forleadership positions. Through resilience, he has been able to gainsufficient knowledge and skills to climb the corporate ladder. Thishas made him a very successful leader.

I have also learned from my father that leaders provide solutionsand constructive criticism. In all aspects of life, things will notalways be right. In some cases, a person is bound to make the wrongdecision. The mistakes should act as learning opportunities. Greatleaders are individuals who can roll with the punches and worktowards a better outcome in the future. Additionally, when leadersidentify problems, they work towards the development of a solution.On the other hand, pessimists view issues negatively and, therefore,do not provide any value.

My father is both a formal and informal leader. He acts as a leaderin the family and the society, as well as a manager in his workplace.In both roles, having credibility is critical. In the neighborhood,he is respected as a valuable member of the society. People trust andrespect him, and, therefore, he is given essential roles in communityactivities. At home, we admire and believe in him. In his workplace,he has mastered all the aspects of his job. In addition to being anethical and a moral leader, he has all the answered questions relatedto his responsibilities. He is one of the most devoted members of histeam.

The significance of a good working relationship with subordinates isan important leadership quality demonstrated by my father. Hisrelations with colleagues, irrespective of their positions, age orbackground, are evident in the number and diversity of his friends.He treats all people, including his children, neighbors and generalmembers of the society, with dignity. Additionally, he has excellentconflict resolution skills. At home, whenever there are conflicts, myfather acts as the mediator. He listens to all the parties calmly andproposes rational solutions that are acceptable to all. This is alsoevident in his workplace. He also believes that success is not alwaysguaranteed, and failure is part of the learning process. Nonetheless,he is an assertive man who believes that desirable actions should berewarded, and the bad behaviors should be discouraged.

In conclusion, my father has had a huge influence on differentaspects of my life. His leadership qualities and styles have had animpact on my perceptions of a good leader. Whenever I think aboutleadership traits, my father comes to mind. The values and lessons Ihave learned from him will make me a better leader in the future. Heis, therefore, a role model to his children as well as other peoplehe interacts with in his professional and social life.