KMF Case Study


1. Should Sarah take the Job at the Hot House?

Sarah should take the new job because it will give her theopportunity to advance her career. The new job has many careerprospects that will give her an opportunity to learn about theemerging trends in the world of advertising. If she remains at hercurrent job, she will remain to be a conservative advertiser who isnot happy with her workplace. An ideal workplace is more than justthe salary and being treated right by your colleagues. The idealworkplace bestows upon the employee new challenges and it creates abetter environment to interact with other like-minded individuals.Based on this criterion, The Hot House is the ideal work environmentfor Sarah.

2.Should Sarah discuss the job offer with KMF?

Sarah should discuss the new job offer with KMF because it is thecourteous thing to do in her case. KMF has been with her since shewas a high school student. The company paid for her college fees andwent ahead to offer her a job. Not many employers in today’scapitalist world are willing to go to such greater lengths for asingle employee no matter how talented he or she might seem.However, in this case, KMF has more than just a professionalrelationship with Sarah it is more of Sarah’s second family. Itwould therefore be rude for her to leave without explaining herpredicament with her employer.

3.If Sarah decides to leave, should she give beck the scholarshipmoney?

If she is in a position to give back the scholarship money, then sheshould do it as a sign of good faith. It is quite clear at this pointthat the scholarship does not stipulate that somebody should refundthe total sum of the scholarship should they decided to leave thesponsoring company. However, as a sign of professional gratitude forall the things that KMF has done for Sarah, she should refund themoney so that it can help another talented student. If Sarah is notable to afford the money now, she can wait until when she hasaccumulated enough. The bottom line remains- she should refund it atsome point.

4.If Sarah stays, should she ask for a 20% raise?

Ifshe decides to stay then there is no point in asking for a raise. Bythe fact that she has decided to remain in her current position, itimpliedly says that she has accepted everything that comes with thejob including its salary. Asking KMF to raise her salary just becauseThe Hot House offered a higher paying job is akin to blackmail. Themain question for her should be what if the new company did notapproach her. In such a case, she would not have considered askingfor a raise. By so doing, she would have betrayed the good workingrelationship she had already cultivated with KMF.

5.How long should you stay at your first Job?

Unless it is indicated in your contract, you should stay at yourfirst job for as long as you wish or as long as you get better jobprospects. Everybody desires to climb the ladder in one way oranother- my first employer included. If the employer had theopportunity to replace me with a better-qualified person, he would doso without a second thought. As they say, it is business, nothingpersonal. The same applies to my first job in that they are not doingme a favor by employing me instead I am providing them a service fora fee. Therefore, there is no point in one feeling indebted to his orher first employer.