Jury consultants


have been used by lawyers and or attorneys sincethe 1972 trial of Daniel and Philip Berrigan, who were accused ofleading violent demonstrations. are experts in humanbehavior who are used to determine the effectiveness andappropriateness of the jurors presiding over a case (Neubauer &ampMeinhold, 2013). The primary role of the experts is to assess andrecommend the best jurors who will deliver a favorable outcome in acase.

also conduct background research about thepotential jurors in a particular case. They will research on thebiography of the juror and determine how he or she is going to reactto the accused person, the witnesses and the evidence produced duringa trial (Starr &amp McCormick, 2014). The consultant will provideinformation regarding the best pool of jurors who can preside over acase and give the best outcome.

have been criticized the world over due to theethical issues that surround their profession and functions. To startwith, research has indicated that their business is hardly regulated,and this has allowed non-qualified people to creep into the job. Thefunction of selecting an appropriate juror for a particular casecreates the impression that justice and a verdict can be purchased(Neubauer &amp Meinhold, 2013). This is because the jurors proposedto an attorney by a consultant are expected to rule in favor of aparticular side such as the defense. Additionally, the services of ajury consultant are extremely expensive and therefore, it is only theelite in society and the corporate that can afford. It is essentialto state that a jury consultant will charge over $ 250 per hour, andthe fees may go up to $ 10,000. This element of jury consultationleaves a justice system that can only be categorized as second class.


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