Journal Reflection Paper on WIT Movie and the Poem Death be not Proud

JournalReflection Paper on WIT Movie and the Poem Death be notProud

The movie Wit and the poem Death be not Proud havestrengthened my sense of worship and praise since they have clarifiedthat death is not scary as it seems. The movie and the poemillustrate real life examples where people are struggling withvarious challenges and finally accepting that death is inevitablebut, they also provide a moment of meditation and healing. In fact,they have also revealed the theme of eternity and acceptance that arecommon in worship and praise. This paper illustrates how the movieand the poem paint death as being soothing and calm, and how suchelements have strengthened my sense of praise and worship too.

The movie Wit illustrates how Professor Bearing overcomes herfear of death and finally she approves the “do not resuscitateorders” (DNR) because she has undergone the innate healing and sheno longer sees death as a scary phase. In the process, she ends herlife but, she accepts the weakness in her humanity, and that makesher acknowledge her mortality too. Often, praise makes death seemlike a beginning to a new life that is also an act of God. Praise andworship help in soothing the family members, and it even makes deathseem friendlier. It is evident that the fear of mortality forcesProfessor Bearing and the other medical doctors to undertake a studythat will try to save her from the fangs of ovarian cancer (ThePlay Wit). Instead, their mission fails, and it is only Susiethat listens to her, and she illustrates that immortality isinevitable. All in all, the movie shows that one does not need tofight his or her weaknesses and death but, rather accept them tomake immortality seem more as a beginning of another stage of lifethat is the eternity.

John Donne adopts personification and comparison to illustrate howdeath is not so scary and that aspect clearly strengthens my sense ofworship too. In this case, praise and worship are known to view deathas a way in which that a person connects with eternity. The conceptoften helps in making death seems more soothing and calm. Donne evencompares death to “sleep and rest” showing that it has the sameeffect as the typical body activities. In fact, the believers willoften die and wake up while they are in eternity. Evidently, the poemasserts the elements that are commonly covered in praise and worship.The themes remind the society that life does not end, but itcontinues to eternity through death (John). It also insists on thepower that people have to death, and they should no longer be afraidof immortality. The theme of death is also evident in the movie Witand it shows the need for everyone to accept that death is normaljust like any other body activity.

In conclusion, the fact that the movie Wit and the poem Deathbe not Proud assert that death is not scary helps instrengthening my sense of worship that shows how death is a way toeternity. In this case, the poem and movie provide some real lifeexamples that prove death is soothing, and it is not scary as manypeople have been led to believe. Instead, people need to accept theirweaknesses and vulnerabilities to ensure that they also acknowledgemortality, and they will die peacefully.


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