Interview Questions


Tellme about a time when you recognized and celebrated an associate oryou team for going above and beyond what was expected

Therewas a time we had a class group assignment the assignment was to betyped and presented to the class by using Microsoft Word orPowerPoint. Despite this, our team leader also made a videopresentation of the assignment. Our presentation stood out. Theteacher liked the extra effort we put into the work. Our group got an“A.” We were the number one group in the class. On the weekend Iinvited the group to our house I had bought a cake for the groupleader to celebrate her efforts. We had an excellent time together.

Tellme about a time when a breakdown in communication occurred and whatactions you took in the situation

Awhile back, one of our teachers was absent. The school administrationplaced a substitute teacher to fill up for him. During class, thesubstitute teacher skipped a topic while teaching, she assumed we hadalready covered it with the class teacher. Seeing the error, I raisedmy hand to help shed light on the issue. I told her we had not yetcompleted the topic with the class teacher. She inquired where we hadearlier reached, and we continued as a class from there.

Haveyou ever felt overwhelmed? Tell me about that.

Iwas studying for my finals while simultaneously involved in a groupproject. I was overwhelmed by the huge amount of work I had beforeme. Furthermore, the other group members also had exams. I got thegroup together since two heads are better than one. As a group, westudied together while also dedicating time for the group project.Three weeks passed, and we were ready for the exams. We were high inspirits since we completed the group project on time and we hadthoroughly revised for the exam. When the results were released,everyone had passed their exams, and our project had an “A.”

Interview Questions


Givean example of how you have demonstrated leadership.

Duringa camping trip, I realized that we had left the campsite worse thanwe found it. The fire spot was not properly cleaned and left a badscar on the ground around it there was also small pieces of litterstill lying around as the other campers packed. I took the initiativeto tidy up the site. I took a rake and stirred up the ash on the firespot and mixed it with the soil around it this hid the evidence of afire. I also took a sharp stick to collect all the litter around thesite. Other campers came to help. After we had been through, the sitelooked like it had never been visited before.

Describea stressful situation at work or school. How did you handle it?

Iwas working on an assignment that was due in two days. The assignmentwas very long and required a lot of research. I did not get theconcept clearly in class and was struggling in my attempts tocomplete the task. I realized that the work was too much, and I brokeit down into smaller sections. I would then only handle one sectionat a time, with adequate breaks to rest in between them. To mysurprise, I completed the assignment after a day and a half.

Sharean example of how you were able to motivate a team.

Whilestudying for our finals in a mathematics class, most of my studymates lost all hope of passing the test. The team would oftencomplain that they are not good at the subject, and any effort willend in futility. I did not let this attitude get to me. I asked afriend who was good in mathematics to tutor us on all the hardtopics. After two weeks of trial and error, we were ready. Any doubtthey had in their ability was as a result of lacking the adequateknowledge to tackle the questions. The team was in a good mood andwilling to face the test confidently. When the results came out,every one of us had passed, everyone was happy and excited.