Individual and Corporate Ethical Dilemma Cases

Individualand Corporate Ethical Dilemma Cases

  1. Case study: Parable of the Sadhu


Individualethics are personal in nature and are influenced by the environment.They do not necessarily have to be approved by the society or theorganization that one is working in. On the other hand, corporateethics are the expectations that organizations have set for theemployees or group of individuals to adhere to. Therefore, Bowen canbe said to have acted ethically under the context of corporateethics. He adhered strictly to the rules and codes of conduct as setduring the trip to Himalayas. Bowen questioned his action of choosingto leave behind the Sadhu instead of helping him. However, he actedthe way all others acted during that trip as stipulated by the codeof conduct set.


Stephencould not offer more assistance to the Sadhu although he hadintentions to help. He was present when the half naked man was fullyclothed, transported to a nearby 500 feet hut and consequently leftwith food and drinks by the Japanese. However, when everyone elseleft to complete their trip, he had to abandon the Sadhu man. He wasin a complete state of corporate and individual dilemma in which casehe chose the former.


IfI was present during that trip, I would have made it my mission tohelp out the dying Sadhu man. This is because my personal values havehigh regards to the sanctity of human life. It would have been aviolation of my individual ethics to chose and ignore to keep the manalive in fulfilling my personal interests.

  1. Case study: Ethics of motel management


Itis morally and ethically wrong for the motels to increase their ratesduring such emergency and life threatening scenarios. All businessesshould centre the provision of goods and services on customer valueand not taking advantage of situations such as the Katrina Storm tomake more profit. However, there are other economic factors such asbloom seasons during holidays that may be ethically right to riserates in meeting demands.