Impact of Race on People`s Lives

Impactof Race on People’s Lives

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HowRace Has Impacted My Life

Raceand ethnicity are just ways of viewing the world around us (Bruce &ampCunnigen, 2010). A person can be labeled as either an insider oroutsider of a group based on their skin color or geographical origin.According to Phillips (2012), racial ideologies originate from thehistorical points of slavery and colonialism, characterized bydemographic shifts. Due to these racial interactions, the dominantgroups overshadowed the minorities and exerted their influencethrough controlling the landscape and culture. Race and ethnicityplay a subtle role in our lives.

Peoplefeel isolated when they cannot identify other people with familiarcharacteristics (Phillips, 2012). Psychologically human beings reactto a situation based on the Familiarity Principle. It means that aperson’s performance in any activity is influenced by the race orethnicity of the other participants. For instance, I find it hard tointeract with people from other ethnicities and races because thereare those obvious differences among us. I work better when I am in agroup of individuals who I can identify as my natives than those Iwould perceive as outsiders.

Raceis also a determinant of the way of life, and this involves howpeople perceive others. For instance, I have noted being looked at bysome people from different ethnicities who give me those cold alienlooks. It becomes challenging to interact with those people as theyalready have formed biases in their minds about me. I may have endedup losing various potential friends and associates due to racism andethnicity

Raceand ethnicity dictate the type of people we interact with on a dailybasis (Phillips, 2012). Probably it is because of the languagebarrier I do not like listening to people who seem to be having funon their conversation, and I cannot make anything out of theconversation. In particular, when I visit my foreign friends’homes, and they talk with their kin in their vernacular, it’s a bigturn-off for me. It also means I cannot have fun with them, and I endup isolating myself. Probably, it is because of the existence ofstereotypes about other people. Some cultures advocateself-preservation, and so members rarely interact with outsiders.

Raceand ethnicity have only brought a dark curtain into our social world.People perceive the members of a different ethnicity in a bad way.Ethnicity makes people selective on the types of environments theyfeel conducive while having contempt for the others.


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