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Severalsecret societies have been established to accomplish differentobjectives. Most of the secret societies are considered as devilwarship organizations (Hubbard 203). organization is amongthe most famous secret societies in the modern world. The term“” was coined from a Latin word “Illuminatus”,which means “enlightened” (Answer Africa 1). This implies thatthe organization was established with the objective of enlighteningthe society on different facts of life. The organization usesdifferent concepts and ideologies to influence the world and expandits membership. This paper will discuss the purpose, history,membership, conspiracy theory, signs, and symbols used by the.

ThePurpose of

Theobjectives of illuminati have changed over the years. The initialobjective of illuminati was to reduce the influence that religion hadon the public life. The founders of illuminati felt that obscurantismand superstition were being abused by the state powers, which createdthe need to have a force that could control people without dominatingthem (Answer Africa 1). The initial mission of the organization that was formed in the eighteenth century was toterminate the machinations of the people that they believed were thepurveyors of justice by controlling them without the need to dominatethem. The primary goal of illuminati has remained to date, but itsleaders use different tactics to control individuals and the world.For example, most of the celebrities (including the secularmusicians) are a member of the secret society and they use theirtalents to brainwash the society on behalf of their organization(Answer Africa 1). These celebrities take pictures with an eye closedor demonstrate the symbols of the secret organization in a way thatonly their fellow members can notice.


Theorigin of illuminati can be traced back to thousands of years wheninbreeding occurred between humanity and the reptilianextraterrestrial race. However, the organization wasformally recognized as a secret organization in the 1760s when itsfounder (Adam Weishaupt) established the first movement afterdefecting from the Catholic Church (Answer Africa 1). The firstinitiative was funded by the multinational agencies (such as theInternational Bankers) and famous individuals. Weishaupt’s missionwas to establish a single government that could manage the world andsubjugate the rest of the jurisdiction as well as the churches inthat process. The war has been a critical tool that organization uses to accomplish the mission. For example, the seriesof wars that have taken place after the French Revolution have beenattributed to the ’s strategy to unify the world andsubject it to the leadership of a single government.

The has influenced the world economy and entered intoconflicts with the governments in different ways. For example, thediscovery of the secret society by the Bavarian government in the1780s forced it to disband and carry out its operations underground.This was attributed to the fact that Illuminate had contributedtoward the occurrence of the French Revolution and the RevolutionaryWar with the objective of destroying the French and the BritishEmpires, respectively (Answer Africa 1). These were the strongestregimes in the world. The idea of weakening the strong governmentswas among the first strategies that used to force thesociety to adopt its ideologies. It was also reported that theorganization was among the secret planners of the World Wars I andII, which was a strategy designed to bring the globe under a singleregime in the 20thcentury (Answer Africa 1). Therefore, the large scale war has been akey component in the ’s master plan that is intended toforce the world to adopt its ideologies.


The organization is open to all people. It is associated withrich people, presidents, and famous artists. The relationship betweenilluminati membership and wealth is used as the key strategy forattracting more people to join the organization (Answer Africa 1).The majority of people who intend to get rich, access politicalpower, and get famous join the organization on their own volition.However, some people are blackmailed and influenced throughwitchcraft and other menacing mechanisms. Although several issuesassociated with the organization have been revealed and published onthe internet, there are top secrets that are only known to the topleaders and dedicated members.

TheConspiracy Theory

Thesecret society continued to conduct its operations underground in1797-1820, but numerous publications were released stating that theorganization had become stronger than before. The organization hadmanaged to apply its tactics to win the membership of strong peoplein the government, which led to what was known as the “new worldorder” (Ballinger 14). The new world order is considered as astrategy that was designed to subject the world to a large scalecrisis. The prevalence of mass killings, terror attacks, and othertypes of crime against humanity will force the world to come togetherand find a solution as a single international community that will beled by one government. The conspiracy theory holds that the increasein the proliferation of small arms, coupled with the increase in thenumber of terror groups as part of the ’s master plan tocause a global crisis (Ballinger 14).

Signsand Symbols

Membersof the are required to observe several symbols that aredesigned to mock anything that is related to Jesus. Some of thesymbols that are associated with this secrete society include thebaphomet, the ubjat, the code number 666, and other zodiac symbols(Answer Africa 1). The close relationship between and thefreemasonry is indicated by the eye of Horus that resembles the signsused by the two organizations. The “all-seeing eye” is placed atthe center of a triangle. The presence of this eye and the trianglein the U.S. dollar bill is considered as the organization’s successin controlling the country’s economy. In addition, the Nero crossappears in an inverted version, which is considered as a way ofmocking the crucifixion of Jesus. Apart from unifying the world undera single regime, the secret society also has an objective of reducingthe growth of the church.


organization is among the most popular secret societies in the world.Its main mission is to limit the influence of the church on the lifeof the members of the public and bring the world under a singleregime. The society has existed for several centuries and managed torecruit popular political leaders, and artists. Although it hasplayed a critical role in the onset of several wars in the world, ithas not managed to bring the world under the single regime. However,the conspiracy theory suggests that the concept of the new worldorder was designed to force the world to believe in similarideologies in the 21stcentury.


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