How to Make an Effective Protest or Complaint


Howto Make an Effective Protest or Complaint

Howto Make an Effective Protest or Complaint

Asa taxpayer, an organization or society member, an individual orfaction is allowed to protest as a fundamental liberty. One ispermitted to protest when they disagree with some actions, which agiven government or private organization has taken that affects them.To make an effective protest or complaint one should always haverealistic objectives or expectations. People must not expect too muchor extraordinary results because no single remedy can solve theproblem, as a mix of changes are required (Baggini, 2008). The dueprocess of undertaking an effective complaint or protest involvesidentifying a problem, gathering facts, writing them down, contactingthe authority, and then starting a physical remonstration.

Beforeprotesting, an individual or group must first identify the problem,in order to attend to a specific issue. The concerned people mustrecognize a grievance that they need to be addressed before gatheringsupportive information. The complainant can then initiate a formal orinformal protest by detailing the issues to the allegation raised ina written and signed statement. The statement is then presented tothe relevant authority, which can be a department, organization, orpublic entity among others. The protesters should give managementenough time of about three chances to investigate and tackle theconcern (Baggini, 2008). However, if management fails to take actionto the grievances raised, protesters can present their case to ahigher authority. If the people in the higher command level, such asa government department fail to act, then the complainant can protestphysically. In this process, the complainants can gather affectedpeople, friends, and anyone with like mind to join in disputinginaction from authority (Baggini, 2008). The protestors can also geta lawyer as a last resort, to help them if they do not get satisfyingresolutions to their grievances.


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