How does Ibsen`s use of setting render the play A Doll`s House a work of Realism?

Howdoes Ibsen’s use of setting render the play A Doll’s House a workof Realism?

Howdoes Ibsen’s use of setting render the play A Doll’s House a workof Realism?


In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, realism is depicted as thedescription of each element of the story without imagery, metaphor orfigurative language, are excluded from the story as facts arepresented the way they are.

Characters are portrayed in ways that represent how they are supposedto conduct themselves in an ideal society. Ibsen presents TorvaldHelmer in a manner that shows how individuals should conductthemselves as being part of the middle class in the society. Torvaldis portrayed as an intelligent and hardworking individual whosebehavior is dictated by the social norms (Ibsen, 1989). Further, hismoral codes derive from the expectations of the society that he hasresorted to follow.

Male dominance in society is a common occurrence, as shown by thesuffering of women because of the chauvinistic nature of men. InIbsen’s A Doll House, Nora’s father had a significantinfluence on her. Nora has grown up embracing the concept of malechauvinism and letting men exercise authority over her. A similarsituation is described in how she relates with Torvald, who has theperception that Nora is stupid and should be controlled. For example,he controls the housekeeping budget and dictates how much she canspend on purchases. Torvald believes that Nora cannot earn her moneyand, is dependent on him as the head of the house (Ibsen, 1989).

Women, take extra measures when it comes to protecting their lovedones. Ibsen successfully brings out the aspect of sacrifices womenmake in protecting those who matter to them. For example, Nora isseen borrowing two hundred and fifty pounds by forging her father’ssignature and uses the same to save her husband.

Overall, the author has employed realism as a style in his book tofacilitate an understanding of the primary concepts in the book.Events have been highlighted as they are as shown the presentation ofvarious characters. The use of realism is a crucial aspect inliterature for the role it plays in furthering the understanding aparticular piece of work.


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