Healthy People 2020

HealthyPeople 2020

HealthyPeople 2020

HealthyPeople 2020 is regarded as a countrywide health campaign as well asdisease deterrence initiative that brings together many agencies aswell as individuals to better the wellbeing of the American people.Based on the foundation of three decades, set10-year targets that allow for in-depth research and facilitates thedevelopment of the country’s health. As a tool for strategicmanagement, are used by the government, states,communities and different organizations (private and public) toassess the progress of health issues in the society (ODPHP, 2014). initiative is fostered on the evaluation ofprevention activities and provides a benchmark for the federalgovernment to measure the levels of health in the society.

Basedon its mission, the program is set to detect countrywide healthenhancement priorities, intensify public consciousness on thedeterminants of health, sickness, and disability as well as identifythe prospects for progress. offer quantifiableobjectives that can be applied to the state as well as local levelsof the society. Moreover, the program was developed to engagemultiple sectors together in the strengthening of policies andpractices that yield quality research and knowledge of the health ofthe society (ODPHP, 2014). The program mainly focuses on achievinglonger life span free of preventable diseases. Moreover, by aiming toimprove the health of all groups, the program primarily focuses onpromoting quality of life and eliminating disparities for all. Thesociety has experienced new diseases and faced significant threatsover the decades. comprise a set of high-priorityhealth concerns that are major to the health of an individual. Underits objectives, the program focuses on fostering the improvement ofhealth behaviour and development across all life stages. One wouldargue that is significant and basic to thepresent society.


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