Health Policy



Whilesubstantial measures have been taken to improve the health of thecitizens in the U.S., some serious problems need to be addressed.Statistics show that the life expectancy is on the rise and thelevels of the top causes of death refining in several circumstances. According to the national health report released by the CDC in theyear 2013, the leading causes of mortality as well as morbidity wereheart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease as thefirst three. At number four, were accidents followed by stroke andAlzheimer’s disease. Diabetes was reported as the seventh primarycause of death followed by Influenza and Pneumonia, Nephritis andnephrosis, as well as suicide or intentional self-harm in that order.Out of the ten causes outlined, which accounted for about 75% of allthe deaths reported in the U.S., seven were as a result of chronicillnesses, cancer and heart disease accounting for slightly over halfof all the deaths every year. From the statistics gathered since2005, it was evident that the probable life lost for the eight out ofthe ten primary causes of mortality had declined (Johnson et al.,2014). Regarding age group, heart disease and cancers (malignantneoplasms) were reported to be high among individuals aged 45 andabove. Accidents, cancer, suicide, homicide, and heart disease werethe leading five causes of mortality for the teenagers (NationalCenter for Injury Prevention and Control &amp CDC, 2013).

Theinformation that clinicians need to know for effective treatment ofthese age groups includes the factors linked to these causes. Anunderstanding of whether these causes are linked to each other willhelp the clinicians decide on the most appropriate treatmentmeasures. For instance, knowing the relationship betweenunintentional injury and heart rate will help clinicians decide onwhat to focus on during the treatment.


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