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Healthand Wellness

Zikavirus illness is caused by a virus which is transmitted by the Aedesmosquito. The virus became first identified in Uganda in monkeys in1947, but later in humans in 1952. The virus has the ability to causesevere birth imperfections in case a woman becomes infected duringpregnancy. The demand for abortion has been associated with the zikavirus. In countries where the incidence of the virus is high, thereare high rates of abortion (Pollitt, 2014). This emanates from womenin these nations fearing to deliver babies who have defects. Forinstance, in America, women have considered the use of pills thathave the ability to terminate early pregnancy. Women are consciouslyrequesting the assistance of having an abortion as a way of avoidingdelivering babies with imperfections.

Differentstates have their stands on abortion. States such as Louisiana,Mississippi, North Dakota, Kansas, and Arkansas have the strictestabortion laws. In such states, the stern laws on abortion can lead topregnant women in zika virus areas to carry the fetus up to thecompletion of the term, which would imply that most of the babiesborn would have birth defects (Pollitt, 2014). Also, the mothers’health would be at a risk where they are not allowed to choosewhether to abort or not. Therefore, the laws which allow mothers toprocure an abortion when their life is in jeopardy are consideredimportant.

Thereare different ways that have been developed to deal with the zikavirus. In Brazil, it has been prevented through destroying thebreeding grounds of mosquitoes. The population is protected againstbites by mosquitoes through controlling their population (Casciano,2016).


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Health and wellness


Message of the Ad

The primary message in the ad seeks to promote the purchase ofadditive free tobacco cigarettes. The ad also calls on the smokersfor an offer of one for two where two packs of natural tobaccocigarettes are sold for the price of one packet. It is essential tonote that the offer is valid for one year, and it is one offer perperson. The ad also states categorically that the natural tobacco isnot safer than the tobacco with additives. In addition, theadvertisers ensured that they incorporated a surgeon’s warningwhich states that natural tobacco indeed contains carbon monoxide.

Unique treatment of some words

The phrase “100% addictive free natural tobacco” is givenpriority in the advertisement. The words in the phrase are bold, hugeand written on a yellow background that makes them clearly visible.The offer of 1 pack for 2$ is also clearly visible and outstanding.The phrases 1 Pack and 2$ are written in a yellow color that isconspicuous and visible from a distance. The green color of thepacket of cigarettes is meant to send a message of being natural andcontaining no additives. The message on the conditions of the offersuch as offer is valid once in every 12 months per person is not madeclear. This is pun intended and it ensures that many people do notfocus primarily on the conditions of the offer. This organization ofwords makes sure that the promotional message reaches the clientsfaster than the terms of the offer.

Offer in the ad

It is evident from the ad that there is an offer where smokers buythe natural tobacco cigarettes at a price of 2$ per pack. However,the offer is given once in every 12 months. According to the messagein the ad, the offer amounts to buying 2 packs of cigarettes at theprice of one pack.

Mandatory Health warning presentation

The health warning in the ad has been given sufficient space and anappropriate font size. Although the color of the message is in black,it is evident that every smoker will see the health warning message.The ad contains three health warning messages with one of them beinga message from a health expert. It is evident that the bottom leftcorner part of the ad has been allocated the mandatory health warningmessages.

Visual message in the ad

The green color theme behind the ad is a symbol of theoriginal status of the tobacco. It is essential to note that tobaccoproduces yellow, blue and green flowers and leaves. These are thecolors that have been used for the packets of cigarettes in theadvertisement. The packets contain a picture of a happy and jovialperson smoking the natural tobacco cigarette. This is an image thatis meant to attract the smokers in the US.

Famous person on the ad

The advertisement does not utilize a message or a picture of anyfamous person. Therefore, its promotional message and other imagesare considered sufficient to convincing the smokers to buy thenon-additive tobacco cigarettes.

Target clients

It is evident from the advert that there is no use of anycelebrity or famous person to promote the additive free tobaccocigarettes. However, it is easier to tell whom the ad targets fromthe message in the conditions of the offer. The ad targets smokerswithin the United States who are 21 years of age. According to the USconstitution, smoking and alcohol intake is only allowed for peoplewho are aged 21 years and above. The ad may also be construed astargeting the low-income earners who cannot afford the cigarettesthat have additives.

Message on people who use the product

The ad targets people who are 21 years and older. It is alsoevident that the ad will be seeking to reach out to the financiallystrained people who cannot afford the cigarettes with additives. Theimage of the person smoking on the packet presents a fun lovingperson hence promising the users happiness and fun. The ad does not,however, guarantee the users any health benefits as the healthwarning message is extremely clear that the non-additive tobaccocigarettes are not safe.

Sexuality in the ad

Concerning the message in the ad, it is plain that no sexuality isbeing portrayed. However, the images on the packets of the cigarettesin the ad are those of a woman. This is a clear indication that thead targets women who are 21 years of age. Typically, smoking has beenknown to be a male dominated affair, and the advert is seeking toattract women into the activity.

Story in the ad

The ad presents the story of people’s health regardingcancer and other heart diseases. The message is so clear that the useof tobacco is harmful to the health of the smokers, yet they go aheadand smoke. It is a story of ignorance and negligence on the facehazardous health conditions.

Information left out

The ad has left out the health effects of smoking tobacco.Whereas there is a warning message on the cover of the ad, it isapparent that the message only says that tobacco is not safe, butdoes not say the health effects such as cancer, heart complications,and breathing problems that are caused by tobacco. The purchase ofthe cigarettes at the prices in the ad will definitely save money forthe smokers.