Global Warming Settle Efforts to Reverse the Future Abstract

GlobalWarming: Settle Efforts to Reverse the FutureNameInstitution


The project will cover global warming. Specifically, the topic willevaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of Settle Action Planagainst pollution. The project will look at the scientificprojections about the likely state of Settle City, if the emissions,and other industrial actions and human activities that play a majorrole in depleting the ozone layer, are not contained It will alsooffer a recommendation about various programs, projects, and policiesthat are taken by the Settle government to revert the possibleeffects of global warming to both flora and fauna. The project willseek to gather the opinion of Settle resident about Seattle’sClimate Action Plan, and integrate their opinion with that of theenvironmental experts.


This will be a newsletter for print media written from a newsperspective. Even though the newsletter will be divided into variouscolumns, the entire article will be structured as follows:

  1. Article One

This first articlewill cover South Seattle air pollution crisis. It will commence bygiving a definition and explanation of global warming. Global warmingrefers to a gradual increase in the global temperatures, leading tohotter summers, melting ice on the mountains, and leads to rising ofthe oceans. The key factors that cause global warming include carbonand other gasses emission into the atmosphere which in turn depletesthe ozone layer allowing harmful rays to reach us. Global warming hasbeen attributed to the current bushfires such as in Canada. The partwill explain the effects of global warming to settle and to commonresidents of the area.

  1. Article Two

This will be the central article of the newsletter. It will evaluatethe tenets and policies envisioned in the Settle’s Action Plan. Inessence, the section will evaluate the reliability and efficiency ofvarious components of the Settler’s Action Plan that include:reducing the dependence on the cars and increasing the fuelefficiency. The recommendations on the ways in which the policies canbe improved to meet well the objectives will be given.

  1. Article Three

The article will cover futuristic view and current view of variousareas in the Settle City. The article will use pictures to illustratethe projected look of various areas of the Settle region in thefuture if the pollution is not curbed. The projected pictures will becontrasted with the current pictures of these regions. Some of theregions that will be looked at are port and southern area of theSeattle city. Contrasting the pictures will help the readers tovisualize the extent to which pollution can impact on the atmosphereand look of Settle.


The section will give a summary of the main ideas in the entirenewsletter. The part will integrate all the findings from theinterviewees and the all the other sources. The conclusion will alsoinclude the recommendations and role that each stakeholder issupposed to take.

Interview with avolunteer at Cascadia Climate Action (climate activist group)

Interview with a volunteer at Cascadia Climate Action will seek toknow her/his knowledge about the global warming. This will help inexplaining changes that have happened in the city as a result ofpollution. The questions will mainly seek to get the interviewee`sopinion on the global warming and efforts made by the Settleadministration to curb it.

Interview withdirector, Settle Office of Sustainability and Environment

Interview with director, Settle Office of Sustainability andEnvironment, will shed more light on the effectiveness of the Settleair pollution policies. The director will help to explain the role ofdifferent stakeholders in ensuring that we live in a safe and ambientenvironment that is free from contamination. On addition, he willexplain the environmental technical terms in simplified ways andintegrate the opinions of the Settle residence in his analysis of theSettle Action Plan against pollution.

Visual elements

The visual elements that will be used are pictures taken fromdifferent parts of the Seattle city. Some of the regions that will befeatured in the pictures are Settle City Centre at the morning andSouthern Settle. The areas will be juxtaposed with futuristicimpression of the same regions.

Target Audience

The intended audience of the newsletter will be the general publicand the key policy makers in the Settle City. The public will beinformed in a simplified way the way in which Settle is projected tochange and the role that they can play in preventing global warming.The policy makers will benefit from the analysis of various policies.Projects and programs that are intended to address the issue ofglobal warming. As such, the newsletter will use a simple languagethat can be understood by the general public.


The newsletter will integrate pictures as the main visual aid. Thefactual background will be obtained from reliable sources such as NewYork Times, and government agencies. Other sources that will be usedinclude environmental journals articles.