Global environmental issues

Globalenvironmental issues

Theenvironment that human beings and all other living things live arevery fundamental. However, there are several challenges associatedwith the environment that put the life of people in jeopardy. Thereare many environmental problems that the globe encounters today. Someof these issues include pollution, global warming, andoverpopulation, depletion of natural resources, poor waste disposal,and loss of biodiversity, deforestation, and acid rain among others.I chose this topic on environmental issues due to wide challengesconcerning the environment on which people depend.

MySearch strategy

Onthis particular assignment, I used three major sources to support myargument. These sources were acquired through three major ways. Tobegin with, I looked up online as it was readily available to checkon any relevant website or online journal as well as articles. Irealized that there were numerous authors and researchers who havemajored on environmental problem. The second strategy was checkinge-books that contained relevant information on global climaticconcern. I also visited the library to get more materials that wouldhelp in giving relevant information.

MySource description

Thereare three major sources analysed in giving information on globalenvironmental issues as per the task. These three sources include awebsite that contains up to date articles by Anup Shah, a video byThomas Pandolfi and a book by Frances Harris. The website and videoused uses secondary sources of information while the book usesprimary source of information through data collection and analysis.The source of information that is up to date as well as professionalenvironmentalist authors makes the three sources credible, reliableand relevant references.

MySource Evaluation

1.EnvironmentalIssues by Anup Shah. Retrieved From,&lt

Itis a website created by Shah in 1998 having articles updated up toFebruary 2015. The information is acquired from that was accessed on2 August 2016. The website is called ‘Global Issues’ and itaddresses extensively major issues affecting the environmentglobally. Articles on this website use secondary materials to acquiredata and information about environmental and climate changesorganizations that have already carried out research on environmentalissues.

Shah,acknowledges that biodiversity is essential and that every object andor living thing is essential no matter how small it is. Therefore, heclaims that since everything has its importance, its absence hassevere negative implication on the environment. He further addressesthe major problems facing the environment such as global warming andclimate change. He gives a continuous update of work done by UnitedNations Environmental program (UNEP) and data discussed duringClimate Change conferences. The articles have also given informationon contribution of human beings in environmental depletion throughindustrialization and how best we can work towards correcting themistake done. Continuous yearly update on this website has given apatent guideline on continuous global challenge and discussions overyear.

2. by Thomas Pandolfi

Thesource is a video by Thomas Pandolfi who is an environmentalist byprofession. The professional nature of the content makes the sourcecredible. The video was made in 2014 making it a relevant and up todate source of information. As a concerned member of the globe, heuses secondary sources to make a video for future referenceaddressing the challenge facing the globe concerning environmentaldegradation. He claims that human beings have made the greatestcontribution in current environmental problems and they have to takeit as their responsibility to redeem the environment before it is toolate.

Accordingto Thomas, the most industrialized countries are likely to face thestrongest disaster over coming years. These include Japan, UnitedStates and Europe. In this regard he urges the industrialized nationsto consider using a conservative method in their production process,waste disposal as well as conserving the natural resources that arealmost facing depletion. In addition, he believes that the globalwarming effect is at stake and continuous release of aerosols lead tofurther challenge of adverse climate change. His profession andpassion in addressing global environmental issue make the sourcerelevant and credible.

3.GlobalEnvironmental Issues byFrancesHarris

Thesource is a book written by Frances Harris and published by Oxford:Wiley-Blackwell in 2012. The author is a researcher who carries outhis study and draws conclusion using first hand information. Thatway, information used is up to date, credible and reliable. The bookis a second edition developed from the concept adopted in the firstedition of the same book. According to Frances, global environmentalissues are caused by people who have different priorities making it acomplex issue. That way, people who had a different but essentialmotive of making the world a better place through production ends upcausing environmental disaster. The author uses first hand datainformation through research to give the information in the bookmaking it a reliable source of reference. It is a relevant source inacademics, anyone involved in geographical and environmental science,industrial leaders as well as policy makers. The content in the bookguides towards real solutions that are practical and also gives anall points view of inclusive information.