Gender and Sexualities Outline

Genderand Sexualities Outline

Thepaper addresses the aspect of ‘gender’ in gender and sexuality aswell as how the idea of gender binary may be assessed.

Thisshows that it aim to bring out the perception of a given societalentity, regarding the factor of gender roles. The entity selected isreligion as it regards to the influence that it has on according todifferent duties to each gender.

Thepaper also assesses the importance of gender binary to humanity andsociety at large. It also outlines the circumstances under whichgender binary has failed to be effective in some sub-cultures andshow the extent of such a situation.

Italso focuses on whether the issue of gender binary could come to anend or if it is something that may remain alive for some time.

Thepaper concludes with providing the ideas and perception of the writerregarding the issue of the gender binary and the extent to whichpeople may choose to follow it.