Foundation Scholarship Award

FoundationScholarship Award

Thissummer holiday brings a lot of memories from my childhood. Summer wasa time when all children in our community would gather in a church orin a local social hall where non-governmental organizations fromabroad provided free medical services and training on basic skills. Ireally enjoyed these experiences and wished that I would one day bepart and parcel of the group.

Mychildhood experiences were significant and have greatly helped inshaping my leadership skills and my social life in general. I havealways been able to interact with people regardless of theirdiversified needs. I have inspired several children during my freetime in my community by teaching and training them on differentsocial and life skills, thanks to what I learnt as a child.

The2015-2016 will help me further my dreamof educating children through local and international organizations.I aspire to work together with Early Childhood Administration toinspire children education needs and learning skills. I want tobecome the best teacher, by motivating children especially fromdisadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their dreams in life. I willkeep on mentoring children as a teacher. The sky will be the limit Iwish to be a Childcare Director so that I can have more influence interms of helping children.

Ibelieve that, the will give me thestrength I need to get to my destiny. This will give me anopportunity to serve deserving children, not only in my community,but also the world over. Ultimately, I want to make world leaders outof the humblest children in the community, who can change the worldfor the better.