Final Paper

PersuasiveEssay Draft

A)FirstParagraph: The Introduction

GeneralOpening Statement:

HenrikIbsen’s A Doll House is a reflection of the careful use of realismin a piece of literature.

HarnessingStatements / Arguments:

  1. The organization of the play is such that emphasis has been put on the relevance of realism in the modern society. The choice of realism as a style in writing could be an indication of the need to bring out contemporary issues in the society. In the play, various societal issues are presented by the author that seek to inform the readers.

b) Toensure the successful passage of the message, the author had tochoose a style that befits the play. For example, feminism is anissue of critical significance in the current society. However, theability to sufficiently illustrate the concept of feminism relies onhow best the characters can depict the same.

c) It wasmandatory that the author puts emphasis on realism to facilitate thepassage of the message to the readers.


In Ibsen’s ADoll’s House, realismmanifests itself as the central literary style and has successfullybeen portrayed by the characters.

B)Second Paragraph: Argument #1

Balance/ Counter argument:

The use of realism offers anopportunity for the readers to connect what is presented in the playand the real world.


Ibsen focuses on the literarystyle to help point out the oppression faced by women in the society.


Inthe context of feminism, it is evident that women have failed toenjoy equal treatment as their male counterparts. Most of them havebeen denied equal opportunities while the men are given preferentialtreatment.

Evidencefrom primary source:

For example, Nora is not allowedto make a decision of whether or not to leave the house by Torvald.


Women are not given the samechance to present their views as men.

Supportingevidence from secondary text:

Azam(2014) posits that decision-making has been a central role of themale species with women being denied opportunities to enjoy the samerights.


Indeed, the current society isstructured in a way that women do not have the right to decide oncrucial issues.

C)Third Paragraph: Argument #2

Balance/ Counter argument:

Realism is evident as women havebeen portrayed to go to extreme lengths to please their spouses.


Ibsendepicts such deeds by presenting Nora as the kind of woman who woulddo anything to see to it that her husband is happy.


Inthe context of a family set up, women have often taken the positionof individuals who would see to it that their families stay intactdespite the obvious challenges that are present.

Evidencefrom primary source:

Noralies to her father so that she can get money to help her husband.


Theportrayal of Nora as a woman who attempts to see to it that thefamily stays in unity confirms the role of the female gender inmaintaining good relations with their loved ones.

Supportingevidence from secondary text:

Bagaliand Tabaghchikhiabani (2015), illustrate efforts taken by Nora to seeto it that the family unit runs in an efficient manner.


Suchis an indication of measures women take to support their families andspouses.Inregards to the same, Ibsen sought to indicate that women cherish thefamily unit and would strive to protect it at any given moment.

D)Fourth Paragraph: Argument #3

Balance/ Counter argument:

Despite the oppression faced bywomen from their male counterparts, significant achievements havebeen made by the female gender to see to it that equality isattained.


Currently,women have been on the forefront in agitating for their rights anddemanding for equal treatment. In the context of genderdiscrimination, measures should be taken by women to agitate forequality.


Thewidespread oppression leveled against women negates the need forsteadfastness in the fight for equality among all genders.

Evidencefrom primary source:

For example, in the play, Ibsenportrays Nora as the kind of woman who is willing to rise against allodds to demand equality.


Gender discrimination remains tobe an issue of critical significance in the current society. However,it is essential to understand that the ability to root out such anegative vice heavily relies on the efforts taken by women. They havethe mandate to take the leading role to see to it that they enjoysimilar rights with the men.

Supportingevidence from secondary text:

Hossain (2015) confirms suchefforts and acknowledges measures taken by women to demand equaltreatment. Notably, Nora is seen resisting the oppression that she issubjected to and instead resorts to actions that would liberate her.


Women must be at the forefront inagitating for a recognition of the role they play in the currentmodern society. Further, it is essential that women explore theavailable avenues in ensuring that they eliminate discrimination thathas been leveled against them.

E)Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion


Overall, Ibsen successfullyemploys realism in his play ADoll House, asthe events portrayed by the characters define the happenings in thecurrent society.

InterestingIdeas that come of this thesis

Interestingaspects are depicted especially considering the methods employed bywomen in fighting for their rights. The author shows measures takenby women to ensure that they get equal opportunities while at thesame time presenting the female gender as being vulnerable. It is aninteresting aspect because women have to balance between protectingwhat they believe in while at the same time working out ways toensure that guarantees them equal treatment.


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