TheAmerican system of governance consists of two forms of governmentsnamely the federal and state governments. According to the U.SConstitution, the National government is divided into three mainbranches. These include the legislature, the executive, and thejudiciary. On the other hand, the state government is an institutionunit given the mandate to exercise the function of governance atlevels below the central government. It is delegated authority by theconstitution to make and enforce the law.

refers to the partition of power between the central government andthe respective States. Through the separation of powers, it waspossible to limit the power of the central government.


Efficiencyin Governance

Whenproblems are handled at the national level of government, thesolutions derived may not suit some States. Hence this process mayprove to be ineffective. Delegating power to the individual Statesenables the local government to solve their individual problems(Ryan, 2016). The use of policies and laws culminate in the bestoutcomes for each particular state.

Innovationin Law and Policy

Theestablishment of various state governments resulted in the formationof several policies. When such plans are tested, a local authority isable to determine the most appropriate policies (Ryan, 2016). Assuch, federalism allows for inequality between various states.Different states budget distinctively in the United States. One statemay spend more on a particular sector such as education (Ryan, 2016).The level of spending may be different in another state. Similarly,the same may happen for sectors of the economy such as health careand welfare programs.


Fromthe above discussions, federalism has both positive and adverseimpacts on citizens. However, the merits exceed the downsides. Theadvantages include protection from tyranny and the equitabledistribution of power. Consequently is necessary in theUnited States.


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